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KPMG Will Launch a 4-Year Digital Degree Apprenticeship Program

In London, Manchester, and Leeds in the United Kingdom, KPMG will be providing a four-year program to students to “gain a BSc degree from BPP University in digital and technology solutions.” Tuition is not only free, but students also receive a salary. They will work with KPMG experts to explore and understand new technologies, and in the latter half of the program, they will delve into specializations like IT consultant and network engineer. At the …

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The Unpredictability of Great

In a post at Consultant’s Mind, John Kim (Yes, he finally revealed his name!) reminds us of the difference between “good” and “great.” He believes that good work is predictable, because it comes from performing the work that is expected. Great work, however, is all about going above and beyond, which means different things in different situations. Hence, great work is unpredictable by nature. Maybe it means performing additional outside research to gather more context, …

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Too Late to Change Your Pricing Model?

When times are good, financially speaking, then attitudes of, “Eat, drink, and be merry,” persist. And when times are bad, people want to audit who dared to eat that extra slice of bread. This struggle played out for consultants during the Great Recession, and in a post at Source Global Research, Edward Haigh reexamines the struggle and what continuing effect it is having on consulting work today. In and Out When money became tight during …

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Be Wary of Your Quantitative Metrics

This is a lesson that bears repeating: Not all quantitative metrics are useful, at least not by themselves. In a post at Consulting 101, Lew Sauder shares a quick example on this subject. It regards arrival times to work and how an employer measured arrivals by the time at which people connected to the network. His story illuminates a larger issue: Quantitative metrics are objective and indisputable, but they are not inherently logical. Metrics must …

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Should You Join the Online Market?

Consultants on demand, in a somewhat Uber-esque sense: Is such an online market possible? Yes, and there are already a bunch of them. As a consultant, should you be looking to join one yourself? Maybe. The benefits of such markets are spelled out clearly to businesses served, namely, lower costs for less and more specific work from curated professionals. For the consultants themselves though, this is another embodiment of the gig economy, where people complete …

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4 Metrics to Track in Your Consulting Business

The health of the business should always be important to an employee, but it is exponentially more important when you yourself are the business. It is critical for consultants to track metrics that measure the health of their business. In a video at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky explains four of these metrics. Four Vitals Zipursky discusses four metrics that compose your client pipeline: leads, conversations, proposals, and wins/losses. Leads, both outbound (reaching out to prospects) …

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