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Don’t Let Your Orders Confuse People

In a post at Consulting 101, Lew Sauder describes an old boss who was exceptionally bright and business-inclined, but he always gave vague orders that subordinates could not interpret. Sauder estimates that perhaps this boss was so bright that he thought the things he was asking for were obvious, but to lesser mortals, that was not truly the case. The takeaway is that it is important for you to give people orders on a level …

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Small Projects Are Becoming the Consulting Norm

Consultancies look forward to sinking their teeth into big projects, but in recent years, clients with big projects have been fewer and farther between. They still exist of course, in the form of transformation projects particularly, but it is not likely for the current trend to change anytime soon. Edward Haigh discusses this phenomenon in a post for Source Global Research. He says that the shift toward smaller projects is not just a result of …

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How to Guide an Effective Conversation with Buyers

When you talk to potential buyers of your services, your end goal is always the same: Sell your services, if they apply. But if you are too pushy in the way that you attempt to control the conversation, clients will be put off by it, making it harder to close a deal. In a post and video at Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky describes how you can walk the tightrope and maintain a productive conversation. Missing …

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Reasons Your Business Needs an IT Consultant

Even when you always try to hire the best, there are going to be gaps in expertise here and there. In an article for The LMJ, Michael Cruickshank suggests some reasons that you might want to hire IT consultants to augment your business. For one thing, hiring IT consultants on a limited basis to handle specialized tasks is cheaper than hiring a dedicated employee for a task. Consultants also have a depth of experience working …

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Should You Discontinue a Service or Product?

A service that helped you in the earlier days of your consultancy may not be as useful now that you are more seasoned and have a more specific business growth direction in mind. In a post for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Mark Haas explains how to approach discontinuing a service or product. He says to be weary of discontinuing services that clients are actively using now, because it will clearly cause financial and …

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Do You Make the Time for Leadership?

The most challenging aspect of providing great leadership is that leadership takes a different form according to the situation. In a post at Consulting 101, Lew Sauder shares a story of short-sighted leadership and derives some lessons for us to remember. Take the Lead Sauder had an engagement “where the president of the company flew in for the monthly steering committee meeting. He would schmooze the client, take them out to lunch, and assure them …

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