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Incumbent Advantage Is Real

As Fiona Czerniawska notes in a post for Source Global Research—it is not just great service that keeps clients returning to you for repeat business. It could also be that clients have just gotten comfortable with the reliability you bring. That is incumbent advantage. In fact, businesses are reluctant to describe consultancies’ work in very positive terms when they have not worked with them directly before, even if they have heard multiple stories of consultancies’ high-quality work. This means that many consulting firms’ marketing departments are not doing an adequate job of selling how effective the firms’ services are. It also means that consultancies have a tall mountain to climb when it comes to unseating incumbents, because businesses are more likely to trust consultancies whose work they have seen firsthand. Better the devil you know!

You can view the original post here: http://www.sourceglobalresearch.com/blog/2017/08/17/incumbent-advantage-why-clients-keep-coming-back-for-more

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