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Little Tips for Traveling Light

The more you bring with you in travel, the more you have to carry and the more you have to remember not to leave behind. Peter Gasca shares a few tips for lighter travel. For instance, select your garments carefully, considering factors like if something is easily cleaned should a mishap occur. Likewise, remember that something as simple as changing ties or blouses can create a whole new outfit from day to day. Do not …

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Consultants for Robots

Data from Source Global Research finds that 81 percent of American businesses are seeking consultants for assistance in developing robotic process automation (RPA) and A.I. The challenge for businesses right now is in locating the right, practical areas in which to implement RPA and/or A.I. As an article at Consultant News says, “The reasons why corporates are deploying RPA/AI included improving process efficiency (60 per cent), better customer engagement (57 per cent) and to develop …

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3 Things It Takes to Get a Deal on Shark Tank

Everyone I know who has watched ABC’s show Shark Tank has enjoyed it, because it reinvigorates the idea of the American Dream in just an hour per week. It shows that a great idea and hard work can pay off tremendously. But there are nuances to closing the deal, and these are lessons from which consultants too could learn. In an article for Inc., Allison Fass outlines some tips garnered from Kevin O’Leary on how …

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How to Prepare for Your Consultant

You have hired consultants to swoop in and improve operations. That was step one. Step two is ensuring that you have fully enabled them to succeed. A post at Get the Business shares some tips for preparing for the arrival of consultants. In the first place, you should obviously inform affected teams that consultants are coming and explain the working relationship that will exist between them. People also need to know which days of the …

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Don’t Overplay Your Leverage

There are those who live by the attitude that, if they have power, then they can use it however they would like. But there are repercussions to throwing around your weight without considering how it affects the people with whom you work, and it come could back to bite you. Lew Sauder discusses the danger of overplaying leverage in a post for Consulting 101. He says that there are two kinds of power—official and unofficial—and …

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How to Make Time for Real Work amid Endless Meetings

Managers and employees invested in “collaborative activities” can spend upward of 80 percent of their time in meetings, on the phone, or answering emails. Faced with numbers like that, how do you find any time leftover to actually do work? In an article for Fast Company, Laura Vanderkam shares some tips to make the best of the little time you have. Timeout Firstly, do not get overly optimistic—in spite of your best intentions, things will …

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