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Using Magazine Articles to Generate More Business

Magazines may not be the source for popular reading material anymore, but they certainly still exist. In a post for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Mark Haas describes some pointers to remember if you want to write magazine articles that generate more consulting business. For instance, push to allow your email address to be included in the article. (They might say no, but you still must try.) You also want to have your working title (“Consultant” or whatever) clearly labeled, and you should mention in specific terms in your article how you do consulting work for clients. And of course, the magazines you choose to write for should be geared toward the type of clients you want to attract in the first place. If you write for the wrong magazine, it should be no wonder why it does not help you generate more business.

For further tips, you can view the original post here: http://www.imcusa.org/blogpost/334056/104161/341-Writing-Articles-for-Magazines

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