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Time-Tested Keys to Becoming a Successful Consultant

If you want to become a top-level consultant who rakes in the big bucks, then it really comes down to doing two things: serving your client as well as possible, and learning to attract high-value clients. It is as simple as that—though of course, you could use some advice about how to accomplish those things. So in a post for Consulting Success, Michael Zipursky shares pointed tips for exceling in both areas.

Dual Responsibilities

For serving your client well, there are these guidelines to remember:

  • The job is not about you or your great methodology. It is about meeting clients’ needs.
  • Center discussion around value and outcomes you will deliver, and less on the actual work you will be performing. The work you do obviously matters, but not as much as the result. Clients will only remember the result.
  • Always be sharpening your skills demonstrably. Seek out new knowledge, and then find opportunities to act upon it.

For attracting high-value clients, Zipursky recommends these things:

  • Know your ideal client. You should be consulting for people who are best suited to benefit from your skill set. Thus, try to get as specific as you can on your ideal client’s industry, location, title, company size, specialization, and market potential, among other factors.
  • Craft a strategy for reaching out to such people.
  • Develop your concise “magnetic message” at the core of your marketing that will grab ideal clients’ attention.
  • Build your marketing and outreach strategy.
  • “Beat the roller coaster.”

About that last tip, Zipursky says this:

The key to a successful consulting business is a full pipeline. That’s why marketing is so important. When you have an effective marketing system and plan in place, you will always have new leads and opportunities coming your way.

You will be able to beat the rollercoaster. While there will be months when there is work and income, there will be others without either, which is when self-doubt and failure can take their toll.

Instead, when your marketing is working for you, and you’re consistent with it, you will go from famine to feast. Your business will continue to grow as your confidence and enjoyment of the business and new levels of success and income grow.

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