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Why So Many Big 4 Consultants Fail

Big consultancies often have an “up or out” culture, where you keep climbing the ranks or you get the boot. What is the most effective way to ensure you keep rising though? In an article for Big4.com, Michael Moshiri insists it is all about networking.

Yes, everyone knows broadly speaking that networking is important. But Moshiri says that people working at a Big 4 consultancy are setting themselves up for failure if they are not taking deliberate, regular action to grow their networks. He says you must do the following:

  1. Plan for what you need (for example, what type of relationships, with whom, for what purpose)
  2. Initiate the relationships in the most effective ways
  3. Cultivate the relationships

Doing your job as well as possible will mean relying on a robust network of skilled individuals. And it will often involve calling upon your contacts to call upon their contacts too. Without such a network, your career will start to stall with a big consultancy.

For further thoughts, you can view the original article here: http://www.big4.com/deloitte/why-so-many-big-4-consultants-fail/

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