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Are You Getting ‘Stuff’ Done?

In a post for Consulting 101, Lew Sauder reminds us of the simple importance of clarity. It is easy to talk in vague speak, like, “I’m gonna see the guy about that thing,” and magically expect others to understand what you mean. But they probably do not know, and thus a conversation is lengthened like fresh pasta as you are forced to repeat yourself—but this time with terms that make sense. The longer it takes to make a point, the more you are failing at communication. This failure can also happen as a result of using language that is esoteric, so aim for a sweet spot between “too vague” and “requires a doctorate in nuclear engineering to comprehend” when you speak.

You can view Sauder’s post here: http://blog.consulting101book.com/getting-things-done-stuff/

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