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Self-Feedback: How Do You Feel about Your Work?

You can go hunting for all the feedback in the world about how you are doing, but ultimately, the person who needs to be giving the most honest feedback is you yourself. After all, if you are not confident about your own work, then that gives little reason for anyone else to be enthusiastic about it. A post at Consultants Mind elaborates on the importance of self-feedback. The Truth Is… The author enjoys asking his …

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9 Leadership Tips for Consultants

Consultants are expected to be experts in their area of expertise, but beyond that, they are also expected to have the leadership skills to execute their vision for the client. In a post at his website, Anand Damani lists nine leadership qualities that consultants must possess for success: Empathetic listening Compelling communication Strategic actions Collaborative approach Inspiration Decisiveness Building relationships Appreciating efforts Honesty and integrity DNA of a Leader Leading always begins with listening. The …

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Inbound Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Anyone who still thinks marketing equates to being a really pushy salesman and wearing an ugly sports jacket is wrong. In a short article at Consultant Journal, Andréa Coutu explains what inbound marketing really means. Ultimately, it is just a series of techniques that makes it easier for clients to find and interact with you. Bound for More Business Inbound marketing is when you position yourself where all the clients are, and you use that …

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When Consultants Should and Shouldn’t Outsource Their Marketing

Homer Simpson once ran for office on a motto of, “Can’t someone else do it?” And he won, of course, because outsourcing is a much beloved thing. When it comes to your marketing as a consultant though, it may not be the wisest option. Michael Zipursky explains in a post at Consulting Success why to think twice about outsourcing marketing. Someone Else Isn’t Here There are companies who will manage your search engine optimization and …

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7 Tips to Plan Your Next Meeting with Clients

If there is one topic that everyone is desperate for tips on, consultant or otherwise, it is how to have more effective meetings. Too often, they just become a vortex in which productivity is lost and your eyes get a workout from rolling so much. Luis Fernando Mizutani however writes a post with seven tips for meetings that matter: Define the main goal of the meeting. Create a well-defined structure of objectives. Consider who will …

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