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Surviving as a Data Consultant

The nuts and bolts details of consulting life are what determine long-term longevity. Jamaa Bickley-King writes an article emphasizing the practical back-end tips that will keep you up and running for the next three thousand miles. These are the helpful practices he brings to light: Pre-pay your taxes quarterly. Bid your contract with taxes and other incidentals in mind. Bid the going rate for your work and what is needed to do the job. Network, …

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Innovation in IT Consulting: How Progressive Integrators Can Ride New Cloud Opportunities

Let’s face it. For better or worse, the cloud is changing the ways that we do business. Lou Guercia writes for Wired’s Innovation Insights about how systems integrators (SIs) can adapt and thrive in this foggy new landscape. He enlists the assistance of Dave Burlington, cloud expert at Armanino, for insights. Disruptions and Strategies Burlington first identifies disruptive forces that are changing SI roles: CFOs as the new decision-makers The end of big IT implementations …

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What Writing a Book Taught This Consultant

Jonathan Berman shares his insights with the Harvard Business Review about the experience he had writing his first book. As it turns out, the things he learned in the process of churning out pages have applications across many aspects of business, but especially in consulting. Berman narrows it down to five pointers. Words of Wisdom Tell a story. Embrace risk. Listen better. Allow emotion. Don’t make it all about you. We sometimes hear that the …

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7 Profitable Consulting Tips for Dealing with Hagglers

As the old saying goes—give them an inch, and they take a mile. That especially pertains to the hagglers with whom consultants do business. Jay Niblick outlines seven ways to keep control of the situation when the time comes to play hardball. Seven Tips for More Moolah Never offer a price without a quid pro quo. Negotiate terms instead of price. Don’t offer concessions first. Be prepared to deny the request and walk away. Make …

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Why Consultants Should Be Accountable for Results, Not Recommendations

Consultants are viewed as being problem-solvers, experts, and objective third parties. They are seldom viewed as drivers of tangible results. Ron Ashkenas aims to correct this in an article for Forbes, where he argues that results should be the benchmark for consulting success. The Bottom Line Ashkenas concedes right away that in some situations, the nature of a contract will necessitate that consultants be “results-free.” But in all other cases, consultants have some explaining to …

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The One Word That Will Crash Your New Consulting Business

There is an insidious word out there that can cause your consulting success to go poof, and it is not “alakazam.” Chris Heivly, cofounder of MapQuest, writes for Inc. about why “strategic” is the most dooming of all words for consultants. Strategize to not be Strategic Heivly’s major problem with calling yourself strategic is that it does not strictly mean anything. He calls it “a leftover from the 80s like hair bands and spandex.” It …

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