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8 Speaking Tips for Consultants

Bring your business cards A consultant’s first skill should be that of excellent communication. It helps land clients, maintain them, and shore up any misunderstandings that are bound to happen. But what about using that skill in other areas? This article by Michael Zipurksy relates how a large bank asked him to come speak at a presentation. After doing so, he was approached by several of them asking if he would be willing to work …

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My Early Years (In IT Consulting)

Baby Steps Towards Success Do you remember what it was like starting out on your own for the first time? The first baby-steps towards independent IT consulting—the very first consulting gig you managed to get for yourself? Back then, lessons came from everywhere, and only the best and brightest were able to gather them all up—good or bad—for the value that they presented. This post by Chip Camden looks back on those early years (in …

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