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Advice for Consultants

When the economy is good, consultants do very, very well. When the economy is bad, however—well, you can understand how that’d impact someone like a consultant. According to this article on The Economist, the global consulting industry shrank 9.1% in 2009 as the economy stalled.  But now that the economy is picking back up again, companies are calling back consultants for fresh, new ideas. That isn’t to say that strategy consulting (which often points to …

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Tapping the Strategic Potential of Boards

Can asking just three questions of the board be enough to tap the strategic potential that often lies dormant in an organization? According to McKinsey Quarterly article writers Chinta Bhagat, Martin Hirt, and Conor Kenhoe, the answer is yes. The article begins by presenting the scene of a director challenging an assumption on a forecast. The problem is, as it turns out quite often, that the head of the division doesn’t know enough about the …

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Clients Have the Right to Expect More

Consultants are brought into a company to solve problems that nobody else who already works for an organization can resolve. It’s the nature of the work consultants do, and because of this, they are expected to do better than what perhaps an in-organization person might. But this isn’t uncalled for: according to Steve Martin of Consulting Magazine, clients have the right to expect more. The problem comes when consultants rely on previous solutions (such as …

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Deny the Distance in Remote Consulting

Have you experienced that moment of hesitation when you tell someone you work from home? Joan Davis has. For some reason this lowers people’s faith in your ability to do the job. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Davis acknowledges that there are several challenges that come with working from home, mainly relationship building, communication strategy, common understanding, and team engagement. The best way to overcome these challenges is to open communication with …

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10 Traits of a Great Consultant

Consulting is more than just telling someone the right way to do something. Good consulting will involve confidence, teamwork, and even friendship. Bernard Ross and Sudeshna Mukherjee have ten tips to turn you into a great consultant. Here are the character traits and business skills that made the list. Self-confidence: Be as good at delivering bad news as good news. An understanding of the business: Try a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Transferable …

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How to Survive in IT Consulting

The turnover rate for IT consulting isn’t a factor to ignore. Sometimes all the training in the world can’t fully prepare you for what a job is really like. That’s why Jack Wallen has five survival tips for the new IT consultant. Here is his take on how to make it in consulting. Have your tools with you: Nothing looks more unprofessional than not being prepared for the task ahead. Take lots of notes: Even …

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