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The Art of Project Governance

The Georgia Technology Authority saves taxpayer money across 119 state agencies by implementing a process for project evaluation, review, governance, and tracking.  See how in this White Paper by Phil Weinzimer.

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Transforming Data to a Business Asset

From the White Paper: Data is the foundation of every rational business decision. But businesses are generally plagued with a poor quality of data to run their activities. This paper looks at key issues that result in poor quality data. Read the full pdf here: Transforming Data to a Business Asset  

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White Paper: Management by walking around – MWBA in a virtual world

In this white paper, David Gritz discusses the origins, challenges, and benefits of “management by walking around” in a virtual world: Can the benefits of Management by Walking Around now also be had in a virtual world? What do current tools or methods offer? And what, conceptually, should “Virtual World MBWA” look like, if it is to continue to bring the visibility, control and optimization of projects so crucial to good management? In this white …

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Improve Process Models and the Requirements Process

The development and monitoring of core process areas help service organizations improve performance and consistency. In this pdf Neil Potter provides a helpful list of core goals and the definitions to measure the effective implementation of those goals. By utilizing work planning and work monitoring & control, teams can identify successes and failures while consistently meeting service delivery expectations.

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