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7 Habits of Highly Effective Configuration Managers

Service asset and configuration management might fall under the category of “boring but necessary” work. But if you are really passionate about it, you can make it “exciting and business-enabling.” In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares seven tips to be a great configuration manager: Watch for scope creep. Baseline your production environment. Share the load. Examine your lifecycle. Build checks into processes to verify the configuration management database (CMDB). Be …

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Business Dining Etiquette: Don’t Do These Things

One thing we can all rally around as human beings is that—food is great. But at a work lunch, you want to be mindful of things beyond how much food you can get in your stomach without ejecting it back onto the plate. Diane Gottsman lists a few things not to do in this setting to maintain proper etiquette, some of which include the following: Don’t order more food than the people with whom you …

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The Seven Activities of Project Closeout

People go crazy when a TV show like Firefly or Agent Carter gets canceled, because their brains are hardwired to look for finality. But as it pertains to project closeout, finality is about more than satisfying one’s curiosity. It is about ensuring that the project has satisfied all of upper management’s requirements while the team is still assembled. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Guy L. De Furia shares seven activities for a …

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Practicing IT Project Manager Press announces availability of The Data Conversion Cycle

Consulting industry veteran Dave Gordon’s guide to migrating transactions and other records for system implementation teams is now available as a Kindle book. Las Vegas, Nevada – A new book from Practicing IT Project Manager Press, The Data Conversion Cycle: A guide to migrating transaction and other records for system implementation teams, tackles the subject with a generalized methodology, presented in a decidedly non-technical fashion. Author David A. Gordon distills the lessons learned from literally …

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How to Keep Leaders Focused on a Company’s Most Important Metrics

Selecting which metrics the business would like to track can be a handful all by itself. Subsequently keeping the leadership aligned with these metrics once established can be even harder. Matt Ehrlichman writes for Entrepreneur with a few tips for maintaining alignment throughout your metrics program. Getting with the Program Ehrlichman thinks of vital metrics as “north stars” (I suppose “north” is a relative concept to him.) that show where the business should be headed. …

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Gartner on the State of Supply Chains

According to Gartner, the supply chain management and procurement software market grew 10.8% globally in 2014, with $9.9 billion in revenue. Needless to say (but let’s say it anyway), that is a good thing. Louis Columbus writes for Forbes with additional findings brought forward by Gartner. A Longer, Stronger Chain Among the top players, SAP has grown its share of the market slightly, from 23.9 percent in 2013 to 25.8 percent in 2014. Oracle meanwhile …

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