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How to Keep Leaders Focused on a Company’s Most Important Metrics


Selecting which metrics the business would like to track can be a handful all by itself. Subsequently keeping the leadership aligned with these metrics once established can be even harder. Matt Ehrlichman writes for Entrepreneur with a few tips for maintaining alignment throughout your metrics program. Getting with the Program Ehrlichman thinks of vital metrics as “north stars” (I suppose “north” is a relative concept to him.) that show where the business should be headed. ...

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Do Your Metrics Matter? 4 Critical Questions


No sane business leader will ever say that metrics do not matter. However, as Bill Zipp notes, there are many business leaders who believe in metrics and yet do nothing to prove it. Zipp comes up with four key questions to ask in order to parse whether you are using metrics strategically or merely decoratively: Are your metrics few in number? Are your metrics predictive of performance? Are your metrics tracked consistently? Are your metrics ...

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IBM’s Secret to Reducing Hiring Mistakes


How do you ensure that you hire exactly the right person for the job? It should come as no surprise at this point that the answer is metrics. In a white paper for IBM, Dr. Rena Rasch collects statistics from over 33,000 workers across 26 countries, 18 industries, and 21 occupations to determine how they hire and how well they are hiring. The results might surprise you. Whoops, Meant to Hire the Guy Behind You ...

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Gartner on the State of Supply Chains


According to Gartner, the supply chain management and procurement software market grew 10.8% globally in 2014, with $9.9 billion in revenue. Needless to say (but let’s say it anyway), that is a good thing. Louis Columbus writes for Forbes with additional findings brought forward by Gartner. A Longer, Stronger Chain Among the top players, SAP has grown its share of the market slightly, from 23.9 percent in 2013 to 25.8 percent in 2014. Oracle meanwhile ...

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Lessons from a Business Growth Consultant: How Dial Soap Got Cleaned Out


Always think about how the competition will react. Case in point, Molly Lindblom was once an assistant brand manager for Dial who accidentally waged war with Proctor & Gamble (P&G). I suppose you could say the result was… a bloodbath. Get It?! Antibacterial products were new and exciting by sanitation industry standards back in the 1990s. (This was before it became common knowledge that antibacterial products are dangerous to overall public health and contribute to ...

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Create a Customer-First Supply Chain for True Transformation


You either accommodate the customer, or somebody else will. Susan Fourtané writes about how to transform supply chains via the most practical means in an article for EBN. Do it for the Customer The first thing to remember about a transformation is that the spirit of the organization and its goals need to stay intact. In other words, a kitten cannot and should not grow up to be a gorilla. What happens instead is that ...

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Top Five Issues Facing Retail Supply Chains


Nicholas Tsiroyiannis writes for Sourcing Journal with five of the biggest challenges facing supply chains, and five strategies to meet challenges. Slipping profit margins, operational inefficiency, trend responsiveness, quality & regulatory compliance, and omni-channel integration are the biggest challenges. Driving profitability through preparation, streamlining operations through visibility and collaboration, developing swift responses, getting proactive about compliance, and developing seamless channels are viewed as strategic solutions. These solutions may sound simple on the face of it, ...

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Gamifying Logistics


Games are fun, encouraging, rewarding, and collaborative, all of which you want to see more of in your supply chain. Neelam Singh writes about how to gamify logistics. It is of course easier said than done, as not every game is well-designed or engaging. Likewise, applying an effective game toward the realization of a business goal is challenging as well. Singh believes employee training might be the place where gamification is best suited, as, “Complex ...

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A Radical Supply Chain Idea: Own Your Trucking Operation


As James R. Hagerty writes for The Wall Street Journal, it is commonplace for manufacturers to outsource their truck deliveries. But Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. is doing just the opposite. What might your supply chain learn from this? Leading the Fleet Ashley considers their roughly 800 owned and operated trucks to be a core competency. In fact, they are so efficient that they can even charge other companies a fee to haul goods for them. ...

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