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3 Tips for Better Security Investment

The time has come for IT leaders to shift their focus to next year’s budget. Information security will play a major role in the growth of any company that is looking to stay competitive, but security is a difficult position. Having to juggle limited professionals in the field, tighter timelines, and a broader scope of activities will create complications for the field moving forward. In an article for InformationWeek, Andrew Horne gives some tips for …

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Over 30 Years of Hacking—and No Improvements on the Horizon

It is 31 years ago that Cliff Stoll discovered a hacker tunneling into US government networks by passing through his computers at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Stoll was asked to clear up a billing discrepancy, discovered the German hacker who was working for the KGB, and alerted the US government managers of the networks that the hacker was targeting. He later wrote about it in The Cuckoo’s Egg, which remains an excellent read. Unfortunately, Stoll did better …

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4 Key IT Trends for CIOs in 2017

The new year comes with new resolutions for CIOs. Innovation is the key in technology, but CIOs should aim for something that drives their companies and leaves other competitors behind. Mark Campbell at the Enterprisers Project points out four hot IT trends that CIOs should focus on in this year: Enhancing cybersecurity Better data visualization Using containers to improve other IT layers Adopting one single storage system to back up data Keep Up with the …

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Why Private Clouds Aren’t Dead Yet

By the end of 2020, 68% of enterprise workloads will be executed in the public cloud, according to the Cisco Global Cloud Index. Even with that large number, there are still some good reasons to use private cloud systems. In an article from InformationWeek, Charles Babcock explains why this is so. Isolated Showers Babcock’s first line of argument is that, if the CIA requires a private cloud, what does that say? Such sensitive information needs …

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3 Tips for Corporate Battle Plans against Cyber-Attacks

There are some things that can really ruin your day, like spilling a drink on yourself, or having your entire corporate network compromised by a crime syndicate. One of those might be a mildly bigger deal than the other. But let’s talk about the less important one: cyber-attacks. An article for Forbes shares three basic tips to fend them off: Hire and continuously train top talent. Demand collaboration between CIOs and CHROs. Ensure cultural fit …

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Securing Your Computer to the Fullest Extent

The only perfectly secure computer is turned off, disconnected, and kept in a safe. This is true but of no use. If you are looking for something a little more useful, start by considering what kinds of data you are protecting. Most of us are protecting banking, tax and credit card data, medical data, memorabilia such as pictures and movies, and access to the Internet. If you are protecting data more sensitive than that, you …

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