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IT-Business Alignment

Business Capabilities in Business-IT Alignment

This article explores(and debunks) the traditional notions of IT-business alignment and offers a more pragmatic approach to keeping IT in sync with business objectives through business capabilities. It also considers the critical role that enterprise architecture (EA) can play in this process. You can view the white paper here at AITS:   Brian Cameron will be presenting a free webinar with ITMPI on February 2! Sign up here: Business Capabilities in Business/IT Alignment

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IT Integration: More Than ‘Nice to Have’

In a technology-driven world, why is IT still operating like a solitary island in each organization? The business and IT are not two separate entities; rather, they should be working collectively to better the organization as a whole. In a post for All Things ITSM, Kirstie Magowan shares how to change this rigid mindset and make IT a cornerstone of the business. Align and Improve IT tends to think very highly of themselves, because they ...

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Top 10 Signs Your Company Needs Project Portfolio Management

The truth is that any business could benefit from project portfolio management (PPM). However, if you find your company running into the following signs, you could be in more dire need of PPM than most! Sign #1: Project and resource managers often fight over resources. Example: The head of the Finance department asks IT services to install a new accounts payable system. When approached by the project manager requesting to assign two financial analysts to ...

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10 IT Basics That Business Managers Need to Know

From your computer at work to brushing your teeth, technology has managed to permeate almost every aspect of human life. It has become essential for everyone to understand some basics about technology, even those outside of IT. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares 10 of the most pertinent concepts every manager should know about IT: Defining how new technology can help How to work with IT vendors Understanding what IT truly does How ...

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The Reality of Better Managing a Resource Plan

Is it more important to have a good strategy, or to have the right day-to-day activity? In a post for PM Hut, Kristyn Medeiros explores this question and reveals that, when both are aligned, success becomes prominent. The Truth in the Middle Both strategic work and the maintenance of that work are important to the success of projects. This is a huge challenge for some because they need to be able to see what their ...

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The Four Foundational Points of Strategic IT Leadership

IT leadership can be difficult to maintain because there is too often a disconnect between IT and the rest of the organization. How can IT leaders prevail and be successful with this troubling perspective of their place in the business? In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Rob Zelinka elaborates on how to have successful strategic IT leadership. In a recent meeting, Zelinka posed a thought-provoking statement to his team: “get out of IT while ...

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How to Use Metrics to Optimize Service Delivery

I want you to think about all the different types of organizations you worked for. Whether they were Finance, Communications, Energy, Agriculture, or Transport, there was likely one similarity among them: The reporting that was done from an IT perspective did not produce metrics that mattered. Why? It’s simple—we (as an IT organization) tend to loop endlessly on the metrics as they apply to IT. We must move away from thinking that “recovery from failure ...

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Bridging the Gap between Marketing and IT

The state of business demands that IT step out from their comfort zone in technology and collaborate across the entire enterprise to create business outcomes. One area that particularly benefits from IT’s technological assistance is marketing. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Amy Protexter and Jeff Shumway explore the benefits of the unification of this unlikely pair. Construction Zone Marketing executives are improving the customer experience and driving client growth by utilizing web-based marketing ...

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Why IT Needs to Tear Down Data Silos

Everyone always hears how important IT is to the business, and that any company that wants to be successful needs to have a strong IT department, but why? In an article for InformationWeek, Jonathan Feldman explores data, the most important aspect of IT and the part that needs a little more attention. Data Belongs to You and Me In Feldman’s opinion, too little time is actually spent on the heart of IT’s work: the basics ...

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Aligning Stakeholder Engagement Means More Than You Realize

The engagement of stakeholders is absolutely essential for project management to be successful. Sometimes a company is explicitly clear about terming their stakeholder engagement, but it can actually unwittingly go by many names. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Lynda Bourne provides a few examples of stakeholder engagement by another name. What’s in a Name? Stakeholders often have expectations regarding the behavior and responsibilities of the organizations they represent: corporate social responsibility (CSR). ...

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