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How Opinion Gets Mistaken for Experience (and Why It’s Harmful)

It is frustrating to provide input on a type of project that you’re familiar with, only to have it shut down by someone with a better title. Some “thought leaders” devalue people who have direct experience and talk about the work that other people have done as if it is proof for their own opinion. The problem is that what works in one context may not work in another, and you never truly know how ...

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The Benefits of Project Debriefs

You and your team have worked hard and are about to see the fruits of your growing efforts, so you may want to enjoy some rest in the wrap-up. But before having those celebratory moments, you should take time to debrief your project, evaluating what you’ve done so far and looking ahead to see what needs to be changed in the future. In an article for, Moira Alexander talks about the perks of having ...

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How to Develop a Quality Management Plan

Compromising project quality for speed or the convenience of others can be costly in many ways. Failing to meet customers’ expectations and losing team morale are among some of the serious consequences. It is reckless to enter projects without thinking about the quality aspect and making time to plan it. As a result, in a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall delineates some basic ideas on how to boost the concept of quality: ...

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What’s Wrong with the Productivity Race?

Everyone is happy getting off work with the productive feeling of having everything completed. However, do you ever notice what you have sacrificed on the way for such stellar work speed? It might be quality lunch time with your colleagues in exchange for some quick write-up for your project, which can be a more serious trade than you suspect. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen warns what can go wrong ...

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3 Team Techniques that Improve Cost Estimates

It’s brain-wracking to think about money. And it’s even more frustrating when the money is for lots of other people, but you have to think about it yourself. Sometimes, you just cannot be Batman who saves the world alone. It is nicer and more time-saving to work in group for a project’s estimated costs. In a post as the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall offers a few suggestions on how to improve team estimation: Have ...

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Why Critical Thinking Is Key to Your IT Projects

There are good reasons why high school students are recommended to take the SAT test to apply for college. One of three aspects that the SAT features is critical thinking, on which most selective schools including the Ivy League require an outstanding score. Critical thinking doesn’t mean you’re smart, but it means you can think logically, understand concepts correctly, and evaluate and apply them well based on your experience or observation. For IT managers, critical ...

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Why Failure Bias Is Good for Your Company

Being bold and strategic in business means allowing your beliefs to be constantly challenged and having an open mind to learn new things. In a post at his blog, risk manager Chris Matts introduces the idea of failure bias—a healthy search for information that might show your beliefs are wrong or your strategies are failing. There are two points to remember in adopting failure bias in business: We actively look for information that refute our ...

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3 Kinds of Communication Noise and How to Overcome Them

Sometimes, we talk to friends and colleagues and distractions get in the way. Indeed, communications don’t always occur in a smooth process where the sender transmits a message, and the receiver interprets or responds to it exactly as the sender expects. Noise, both in physical and intangible forms, hinders communication and creates misunderstanding or false perception. In a guest post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, John Edmonds talks about three different kinds of ...

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3 Areas for Project Management Improvement

The new year has been around for a while. But before you get too deep into resolutions, have you ever considered an Old Year’s reflection to see where to go first? Looking back at what happened last year is a good place to start because you will see what works, what doesn’t, and what should be changed. In a post for the PM Perspective Blog, Susanne Madsen says that there are three areas which determine ...

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3 Things That Help Project Managers Be Good Persuaders

Speaking is an easy task. If you don’t suffer from any kinds of disability, you can speak as much as other people. But to speak persuasively and influence the decisions and perception of other people is a challenge. It may take years of experience or learned skills, or is simply a gift. For project managers, being able to speak persuasively is vital in determining the success of a project and also forging a personal legacy. ...

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