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Management Systems

Project Portfolio Management is Your Friend

PPM Makes Project Expectations Realistic and Visible Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin lists three reasons why management should pursue project portfolio management: realism, rationality, and visibility. Realism comes from ppm bringing reality to project planning by aligning business objectives with what an organization can actually accomplish, rationality from ppm's ability to establish budgets, start and end dates, and head counting; and finally visibility from resource tracking and utilization. These three benefits far outweigh any implementation cost and time …

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Agile Project Management

Globalization Demands Flexible PM This excerpt, provided by Consulting Magazine, is of Karen R.J. White's Agile Project Management: A Mandate for the 21st Century. The excerpt includes a brief history of project management's beginnings, how Agile project management clashes with traditional project management, and how globalization demands a more flexible system.

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What Role should the PMO play?

The role of a Project Management Office (PMO) varies significantly from one organization to the next.   Some PMO's simply provide a pool of IT project managers to manage projects.   At the other end of the spectrum, PMOs may be the part of the business with ultimate responsibility to define, authorize and monitor projects.   The responsibility to define and enforce project management processes is also common to PMO's.  

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The PMO of the Future

The focus of project management is shifting, and project management offices need to be able to move along with business need. Rod Claar outlines the new focuses of project management and exactly what the PMO of the future will be required to achieve. Claar's main claim is that PMOs will have to be self-aware: monitoring, reporting and adjusting to fit project needs and issues.

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Managing Business Value by Projects

The way businesses define project success has fundamentally shifted. As Neil Walker states: No longer satisfied with viewing project success as delivering the project on schedule and within budget. Today, it is about delivering efficiently and effectively and above all providing business value. By applying the processes and techniques of project management, businesses are finding a successful formula to address the new requirements of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Martin Kuppinger: ITIL is Good, but IT Service Management is Better

Martin Kuppinger argues in this post that while ITIL is the key for bridging the gap between IT users and IT production, cloud computing’s breach into the mainstream leaves a gap that ITIL simply can’t fill. Kuppinger cites that the solution can be found in a multi layered approach, combining ITIL with IT Service Management processes to help move forward with the new world of cloud computing.

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