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Knowledge Management

The Human Equation in Project Management

Approaches to project management have focused on the systems, procedures, and software put in place to determine progress and likely outcomes. These outcomes are usually expressed in terms of cost, schedule, and technical achievement against the project requirements and framing assumptions—the oft-cited three-legged stool of project management. These analytics, and the methodologies used to derive them, are effective in recording progress as it occurs. Analytics are then compared against an expected outcome over time based ...

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Reducing Costly Incidents through Knowledge

How can you improve the customer experience though knowledge management, you might ask? From an incident perspective we should start with the Service Desk to determine exactly what types of calls are coming in, a “top ten” of sorts. These may be common questions that, if they are handled through some form of self-service functionality, can reduce the calls into the Service Desk right at the beginning. It is likely that your Service Desk has ...

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Service through Knowledge Management

Many frameworks exist for improving IT operations, but knowledge management is a glaze you can apply to any and all of them. And you very much should. The longer it takes to retrieve needed knowledge from across the business, the less time there is leftover to do meaningful work. Knowledge management promises a lot of added value for how basic it is. On that note, Professor P. Ross S. Wise discusses briefly at ITSM Professor ...

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Ways to Share and Increase Project Team Knowledge

If you are lucky, your project team has at least one ace that can be relied upon to do heavy lifting. But too much heavy lifting breaks backs. It is better to build a team that can share the load. In an article for Project Smart, Duncan Haughey describes some ways to share and increase knowledge and skills across the team. The End of Back Pain The most straightforward option is to go with actual ...

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5 Tips for Mentoring Project Professionals

Are you the greatest project manager who ever lived? Are they currently erecting a statue of you in the break room? Then consider passing that genius on through mentoring. In a post for the Association for Project Management, Matthew Channell shares five tips for establishing a system of mentoring project professionals: Have a clear purpose. Mentors should be willing and properly trained. Mentees should be properly briefed. Mentors and mentees must match. A defined exit ...

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Context Is King: Understanding Knowledge Centered-Support

Your knowledge is only as valuable as you make it, and in order to translate knowledge into a valuable asset you need context.  In a post for All Things ITSM, Simone Moore explores why knowledge-centered support (KCS) is so important for an organization and how it helps to establish context. KCS helps to keep both the day-to-day and evolutionary knowledge practices relevant. Successful KCS goes beyond implementing a knowledge base and helps to guide the ...

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Four Questions for Quenching Knowledge Management

The thirst for knowledge must be quenched. Every day people are looking for answers that they need. The question you have to ask yourself as a service provider is, “Are you positioned to satisfy their needs?” One of the fundamental challenges with knowledge management isn’t capturing the information; it is usually the ability to actually manage it. Part of the discovery process should lead us to ask ourselves why we need to do this in ...

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How to Optimize Your Service Desk’s Knowledge Management

First impressions leave a lasting mark, and for IT this means they likely want their service desk to make the best impression possible. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares how knowledge management can help to enhance both customer service perceptions and employee productivity. Better Than a Good Memory Before knowledge management can even be effective, there is a great deal of planning and work that needs to occur. Knowledge management ...

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How to Fast-Track Your Team Member’s Growth

Employees need to be well-rounded and possess a multitude of abilities in order to be successful. A great project manager will want to manage the team members’ development. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen elaborates on how to help your team grow and develop. Growth on a Timetable Developing skills is an art that requires a great deal of time and patience, which is likely why managers push team growth ...

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Open a Window: Using Data and Self-Awareness to Remove Organizational Blind Spots

In 1955 the American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Igham developed a technique to help individuals place themselves in context to the world and the people around them. This technique originated in the study of group dynamics and organizational behavior at the University of California and is a feedback/disclosure model of self-awareness. By combining the first names of the technique’s founders, this model came to be known as the Johari Window, represented by four quadrants. ...

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