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Incident and Problem Management: Where and How to Apply

Despite the establishment of ITIL as the de facto best IT framework, there is still a good deal of uncertainty about how to apply the guidance. For instance, there are key differences between incident and problem management. In a post for ITSM Professor, Professor P. Ross S. Wise acknowledges that this remains one of the most often confused points for agile, lean, and ITIL adaptations. He defines the terms: Incident: any unplanned event that can ...

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6 In-Demand Governance, Risk, and Compliance Certifications

Whether it stems from incompetence or outright criminal deviance, accounting and security can go really wrong in business. It is up to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) to control processes for everyone’s sake. In a slideshow for, Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel discuss their top six GRC certifications: CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) PMI-RMP (Project Management Institute-Risk Management Professional) ITIL Expert CRMA (Certification ...

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Service through Knowledge Management

Many frameworks exist for improving IT operations, but knowledge management is a glaze you can apply to any and all of them. And you very much should. The longer it takes to retrieve needed knowledge from across the business, the less time there is leftover to do meaningful work. Knowledge management promises a lot of added value for how basic it is. On that note, Professor P. Ross S. Wise discusses briefly at ITSM Professor ...

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Cover Your Assets

The other day as I was waiting on the train platform, I bumped into an IT operations manager whom I hadn’t seen for a while. Since I normally saw him in the evening ride home I had assumed he was on holiday. “Quite the opposite, I’m afraid,” he sighed. “We have had our major software vendors reviewing our compliance, so I have been working late and explaining our problems to leadership.” “Didn’t go that well?” ...

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Proactive Incident Management Saves Lives (Figuratively)

According to notable definitions, an incident is not an incident until it causes an issue. Yet if people are aware of conditions that will inevitably cause an issue, they should treat it as an incident anyway, right? This is proactive incident management in action. In a post for IT Chronicles, Michael Keelig elaborates on its value. Preventing Fires In Keelig’s estimation, people sometimes take the ITIL definition of incidents further than ITIL’s stewards had intended. ...

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IT Workplace Trends for 2017

Technology changes faster than IT, but they are still wound in the same rubber band together. When technology pushes far enough ahead, it ricochets IT forward with it. In a post for SITS, CEO Oliver Bendig discusses what he sees as the trends for IT this year. The Snap of Progress The cloud is capable of encompassing and enabling so much technology that it can now store the equivalent of whole work environments. This means ...

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An Overview of Guardrails: Keeping Aligned and on Track

Introduction Solution delivery is a complex process. However, it is possible to see if one is on track in a relatively straightforward manner. In essence, lean-agile methods are about achieving the highest level of business value realization in the shortest amount of time in a predictable and sustainable manner. This requires working on the most important business value requests within the proper capacity to implement them quickly. This is often complex and difficult; however, it ...

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What Is Driving ITSM Now?

Costs, speed, and service quality compose the triad of factors that govern IT service management (ITSM). In a post for SITS, Mike Beale shares some survey data from TeamUltra to take a pulse on what specific facets of that triad are concerning IT right now. Here are the highlights. Roadblocks Show the Way Of challenges IT expects to face in their next 12 months, 45.6 percent cited budget availability, 40.6 percent cited too many competing ...

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5 Best Practices to Enable Remote Workers

If no one gives it much thought, it can be easy to make a remote worker feel like a space alien, completely disconnected from the team. The practices and technology exist to precisely avoid these situations though. A slideshow for IT Business Edge offers five best practices to create the best remote work experience: Evaluate the technology infrastructure. Establish a remote work policy. Invest in equipment to maintain efficiency. Determine a scale plan of action. ...

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5 Proven Practical Tips for Starting Your Service Catalogue

Maybe your organization has never had a service catalogue, or maybe the existing catalogue is just so lousy that people deserve a better one. Whatever the reason, if you need tips, Joe the IT Guy is here to help. In a post at his blog, he shares five tips to get going on a worthwhile product: Find out what data you already have. Define what you’re creating. Ensure everyone knows who is responsible for what. ...

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