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5 Steps Developers Can Follow to Measure Mobile App ROI

No matter what type of mobile app you build, you are in the same massively overcrowded boat as everyone else. You will want to know quickly if your app is creating the value you need from it in order for it to remain viable. Madison Moore shares five tips toward that end in an article for Software Development Times. Create a measurement plan. Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV). Know your cost. Understand not all users …

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SPIs Vs. APIs: Which Should IT Organizations Choose?

The excited discussion about how to best use APIs has been going on for years now, and even more intensely within the past few years. Their versatility and practicality seemingly cannot be beat. Perhaps chief among its applications right now is how it relates to cloud use. However, in an article for InformationWeek, Thomas Claburn notes that service provider interfaces (SPIs) are surging in importance too. Approaches to Integration Software company Zephyr now packages many …

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7 Mobile App Development Tips You Have to Follow

So your team’s launching an app and you’re excited at the prospect of millions downloading your creative and useful content. Market research shows that the average user spends 2 hours and 19 minutes per day accessing mobile apps. The big players like LinkedIn and Google get billions of hits per day. Only one problem – you’re not LinkedIn or Google. Seven Hacks for Developing Apps To get ahead in this app-eat-app world, you’ll need the …

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5 Development Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Mobile App

There is a dumpster with your app’s name on it! Well, alright, calm down, the name is not literally on it. And besides, Himanshu Sareen wants to help you make the app better. In an article for Entrepreneur, he draws your attention to five mistakes to avoid when developing your own mobile app: Failing to make sufficient platform considerations Thinking of the mobile experience as a downsized web experience Dropping the ball on monetization Thinking …

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3 Priorities for Enterprise Applications in 2015

In cases you haven’t noticed, the market for enterprise apps is booming. But in many cases it’s also busting, since for every successful app there are plenty that fail. Sameer Bhatia offers clear instruction on how to ensure your next enterprise software launch is delivered into the loving arms of a target user community. The solution, argues Bhatia, starts with software vendors. #1 – Feature Creatures The explosion of enterprise apps has resulted in a …

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7 Tips from Apple’s Official Guide to App Design

Want to create an iOS app but afraid that the $100 registration is too much to chew? Take a bite out of Apple’s 245-page design guide in this munchable summary. A Fast Co.Design article by Mark Wilson covers some major design principles used in iPad and iPhone interfaces. 7 Bites of Apple iOS Design Content over Interface Delay Login Requirement Hide Settings from Sight Leave Gestures Out Interact like an Editor Don’t Please Everyone Don’t …

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4 Ways to Improve the Odds That Your iOS App Will Succeed

As it stands, a newly minted app is but a tiny drop in a pool of millions (1.2 million to be more precise). This is the plain reality laid out by mobile app development firm Worry Free Labs. Though some companies are endowed with substantial financial clout to run mass advertising campaigns, there are a few tips for operations that don’t enjoy such vast resources. 4 Tips for App Stardom Build with Market Research User …

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App Outages Pose Costly Challenges for CIOs

What’s worse than a citywide blackout or even a planned brownout? How about an app-out? That’s what’s been plaguing organizations all over the world, according to a recent survey by Veeam Software. In a CIO Insight slideshow by Dennis McCafferty, the monthly and unplanned nature of company-wide app failure is draining millions of dollars from IT revenue each year, and CIOs are thus far at a loss to thwart it. The first step is to …

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