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5 Things Enterprise Software Developers Can Learn from Consumer Apps

Much of enterprise software has an unshakeable clunkiness to it. What can software developers do to cast off this impression? In an article for Network World, Mike Nadeau delineates a few practices that businesses can adopt to empower employees through simplified and easy-to-use applications: A mobile-first approach An eye toward development culture Self-service that employees actually see Personalized user experience Easier collaboration between business and IT View Your Employees as Your Loyal Customers Don’t assume ...

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7 Tips to Create Work-Life Balance in Tech

When was the last time you actually sat down for a long, good conversation with your friends or family? If you cannot even remember the most recent date, you are probably working too hard. However, your workaholism is neither a phenomenon nor a disease. In a recent survey from Comparably, only 65 percent of tech workers said that they were satisfied with their work-life balance. Alison DeNisco, in writing for TechRepublic, sees this problem and ...

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What Is the Point of Learning C?

Many programming languages have come and gone since C language was devised in 1972, and yet C has continued to survive up to this day. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s thriving though–far from it, perhaps. So the question is–should people ignore this language completely and focus on something more useful and timely, or is it still something worth learning? Paul Rubens examines this question in an article for Old Habits Die Hard Azriel Fasten, ...

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Why Note-Taking Practices Can Change Your Work Outcomes

Unless you have a photographic memory, you just cannot remember every single piece of information that other people say or show you, and that’s why you need to write things down to “store” your data. To Sam Grier, writing at the IT Managers Inbox, note-taking is a daily skill and can be improved. Notes can get messy and useless if a person doesn’t know how to organize them. As a result, Grier introduces an information ...

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Why a Writing Center Can Save Your Organization

Writing is no longer the exclusive job of writers. If you think writing means creating a poem or drafting a novel, you’re a bit short-sighted—writing is a part of every job nowadays. Businessmen write emails to different departments, bankers write detailed reports to bank executives and boards of directors, etc. However, not everyone can effectively and correctly transfer what’s in their mind into writing, and it can be costly for organizations when miscommunication or incidents ...

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7 Reasons to Love Your Job in IT

Loving your job is not something “rare-to-find” or “nice-to-have,” but it is the key to your life fulfillment and social stability. If you find yourself looking back at your career and sighing with the little voice in your head that says, “Work is all about money,” don’t suck it up, buttercup! The workplace is where you spend most of your waking time. Like it or not, a recent study of the effects of happiness on ...

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5 Tips to Help Developers Keep Up with Changing Technologies

It is fascinating to see how IT can make so much impact and predict what the future will hold. To be able to adapt to any changes and stay on top, you can’t just stick to the status quo if it makes you stay behind your opponents. In an article for, Thor Olavsrud shares a few tips on how to keep up with the IT game that constantly changes every day: Use social media ...

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How to Write Emails that Leave the Right Impression

Writing a good email is no longer a problem of just high school or college students. Despite college lectures or workplace training on how to write a business email, we have to face the truth that many people just cannot write a good email. This is a “chronic” problem that will affect the efficiency of the communication flow in your company. In article for Harvard Business Review, Shani Harmon goes back to basics with a ...

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The Strategy of Speed in IT

Think of a racing competition; you know that driving fast takes more than just hitting the gas pedal and keeping your hands on the steering wheel. Speed is critical to win the race, but agility is what helps you pass the white line safely and overcome obstacles on the road. Similarly, in IT, speed is good only when it is accompanied with a bit strategy and agility. Speed for the sake of speed doesn’t lead ...

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6 Simple Metrics that Make Decisions Work

Learning how to make good decisions benefits your company’s profits, other people’s jobs, and your own temperament. If you don’t have good business judgment and experience with the decision-making process, you may for instance cram in more meetings that go nowhere and frustrate everyone. In an article for Forbes, Erik Larson offers six simple metrics to help improve decision-making processes: Number of people participating in the decision: best with 3-7 Number of alternatives considered: best ...

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