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How to Write Emails that Leave the Right Impression

Writing a good email is no longer a problem of just high school or college students. Despite college lectures or workplace training on how to write a business email, we have to face the truth that many people just cannot write a good email. This is a “chronic” problem that will affect the efficiency of the communication flow in your company. In article for Harvard Business Review, Shani Harmon goes back to basics with a ...

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The Strategy of Speed in IT

Think of a racing competition; you know that driving fast takes more than just hitting the gas pedal and keeping your hands on the steering wheel. Speed is critical to win the race, but agility is what helps you pass the white line safely and overcome obstacles on the road. Similarly, in IT, speed is good only when it is accompanied with a bit strategy and agility. Speed for the sake of speed doesn’t lead ...

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6 Simple Metrics that Make Decisions Work

Learning how to make good decisions benefits your company’s profits, other people’s jobs, and your own temperament. If you don’t have good business judgment and experience with the decision-making process, you may for instance cram in more meetings that go nowhere and frustrate everyone. In an article for Forbes, Erik Larson offers six simple metrics to help improve decision-making processes: Number of people participating in the decision: best with 3-7 Number of alternatives considered: best ...

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Hiring Coding Schools’ Graduates: Pros and Cons

For the shrewd, there are many shortcuts in life, and this is not an exception for a position in the world of IT. Coding boot camps have become a trend in recent years with a promise to teach students tech skills needed to work for major tech firms. Boot camp students enroll in a three-month course on average and quickly find a job after their graduation. However, for many recruiters, these graduates cannot compete against ...

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4 Ways to Create a Happy and Creative Team

Being happy at work matters. When people are happier, they work harder. However, this still remains an ideal scenario for many companies, especially if their CIOs don’t know how to pry creativity out of workers and push for digital transformation. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares a few tips on what CIOs can do to create a happy organization: Let people know that their work matters. Show them how IT can change with ...

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4 Ways Data-First Competitors Are Killing You

Data usage has become the requirement for success in businesses. Data-first companies, therefore, have more advantages and are able to set new rules for the game. In an article for InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan talks about the reasons why these data-first companies are ruling the game: They have an advantage through data analytics. They are up to date with agile software. They keep everyone working toward the same strategic goals. They ask questions of data to ...

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3 Tips for Capping Meetings at 30 Minutes

Meetings are unavoidable in the workplace, but they can be a slow death in many cases. Long meetings, and too many meetings, can especially exhaust people and lead to work dissatisfaction. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett reports that the most common complaints about meetings surround no decisions being made, meetings being disorganized, or meetings dominated by certain individuals. In order to improve the quality of meetings, Shacklett shares the idea of “the 30-minute ...

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5 Steps Developers Can Follow to Measure Mobile App ROI

No matter what type of mobile app you build, you are in the same massively overcrowded boat as everyone else. You will want to know quickly if your app is creating the value you need from it in order for it to remain viable. Madison Moore shares five tips toward that end in an article for Software Development Times. Create a measurement plan. Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV). Know your cost. Understand not all users ...

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Technology Company Workplace Favoritism

Unless we are talking about favorite lunch snack or favorite work soundtrack, favoritism is unwelcome in the workplace. Phil Morettini addresses the issue in tech companies in an article for Business 2 Community. He gets at the root of where the damage occurs when the problem exists. Favoring Risk It is inevitable that some people will get along better than others at work. This only becomes a problem to Morettini when one of three situations ...

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4 Tips for Bug Bounty Programs

Organizations, including the government, are realizing that IT has enough on its plate already. Asking them to also hack their own systems and discover vulnerabilities can be a little much. Bug bounty programs have proven a cost-effective solution: Just let the public do the hacking, and give payouts according to the severity of vulnerabilities uncovered. But even something as straightforward as bug bounties requires careful planning. Sarah Lai Stirland shares four tips in an article ...

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