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How to Join Tech and Marketing

We know that technology and marketing are like coke and beer–the former targets a large anonymous population, while the latter reaches out to smaller known groups of audiences. Yet they are dependent on each other for the overall outcome of a business. To better connect the two functions, Mark Samuels, in writing for ZDNet, points out four ways that CIOs and CMOs can create a mutually beneficial relationship: Finding common goals to help the business ...

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We Punish Women Who Use Flextime

Flexible work arrangements promote productivity, enhance job satisfaction, and enable retention of valuable staff. However, not all employers are willing to give their team flexible hours, and the perception of flexible workplace varies by gender. In a Harvard Business Review article, David Burkus shares data that indicates a problem. Implicit Bias Research at Furman University examined how likely people were to approve (fictional, but treated as real) requests for flexible work accommodation. Requests were largely ...

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How Lean IT Paves over the IT-Business Gap

We have talked about the IT-business gap for years, and yet we still see this chronic problem lingering around. Indeed, experts have been giving advice to bridge this gap by highly prioritizing it in every company, but little helps when technology keeps changing like a whirlwind today. Part of the reason stems from the disruption of the traditional enterprise IT model caused by four revolutionary forces—digital, elevated CIO mandates, de-globalization, and cloud computing. Indeed, we ...

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Transform Your HR Department to Keep Up with Digital Transformation

From Nokia to iPod Nano, and then iPhone and Family Hub Refrigerator, technological innovations have tremendously changed the way we used to live, as well as improved the quality of our life. They have introduced an era in which almost everything is mobile and just a few clicks away. Along with that, companies buckle under the need to deploy technological advances simply because they cannot afford to stay behind the curve. Surprisingly, to become digitally ...

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4 Key Drivers of Digital Transformation in 2017

Digital transformation is something nicely said but hardly done. It is imperative and has reshaped businesses in all aspects, from enabling new business models to enhancing customer services. As digital technology continues to evolve, successful digital transformation (DX) will require more careful collaboration and thoughtful planning. Michael Segal, in an article for the Enterprisers Project, talks about four key drivers of DX, and how they will they impact businesses of all sizes: Digitization and employment ...

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5 Imperatives Facing CIOs in 2017

CIOs do a lot, and they have a lot on their minds. They seek competitive advantages for the business, generate sales through product development and software applications, and try to be a positive influence on other departments. To keep staying competitive, Art Landro, in an article for The Enterprisers Project, says that there are five key imperatives that CIOs will face in 2017: CIOs must create organizational data analytics strategies. CIOs must embrace web technology. ...

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An Executive’s Guide to Software Development: 15 Practices

Hugely successful businesses that have made their profits outside of tech are finally realizing how much more profit can be had from more tech-savvy. In an article for McKinsey, Chandra Gnanasambandam, Martin Harrysson, Rahul Mangla, and Shivam Srivastava say that in order to make software an advantage, executives need to make an earnest effort to understand its development. They recommend the software maturity diagnostic framework with 15 practices across five stages to define the software ...

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Deloitte’s Three CIO Archetypes

The most successful CIOs nowadays are those who maintain the legacy system while simultaneously looking for innovations to adapt to changes. Strategic CIOs need to identify their own goals, and then align their innovations with business needs through collaboration and high skill. This requires CIOs to take on a digital mindset that adopts a “default to yes” IT philosophy. Michael Krigsman, in an article for ZDNet, discusses findings of a recent Deloitte survey that describes ...

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Why Veterans Can Fill Your Company’s Tech Skill Gaps

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is higher than the national average. This has urged the U.S. Department of Labor to partner with Amazon to create an apprenticeship program that trains veterans for technical roles, both to reduce the unemployment rate for American veterans, and to fill the tech skills gaps. In writing for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco points out that veterans possess valuable skills that can bridge ...

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3 Steps to Avoid Hiring Bad Managers

Bad managers cause great damage to a company. In a 2015 Gallup poll of 7,272 adults, 50 percent said that they left their companies because of their bosses. Because of this, human resource departments of many organizations have attempted to interview employees, or keep a tally of employee resignations by manager in order to spot the problems in their organizations. However, not all companies are embracing these practices, and bad managers can still find their ...

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