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What Can CIOs Do to Help Businesses Move Faster

It is not uncommon knowledge that digital business strategy is a roadmap for the future of a company nowadays. CIOs in the information age are not only responsible for taking the lead on digital transformation but also driving business fast. Too often technology is the go-to solution to meet customer needs or respond to changes or threats. Quality assurance (QA) and testing aren’t always the first choice of rushed CIOs. However, QA and testing can ...

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Why Shadow IT Is Not Bad for Your Business Today

Shadow IT has been negatively known to put a business at increased risk of data breaches and financial liabilities. This has urged businesses to use better data security governance to sanction business unit IT digital services. However, just as business leaders don’t only do business, technology leaders shouldn’t only control technology. Shadow IT is not a bad thing for a business if you don’t cross the line. Don Tennant, in writing for IT Business Edge, ...

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5 Tips to Elevate Your Business Outcome-Focused IT

It is a misconception in IT that all CIOs need to do is transform their own department and come up with the best IT practices. A strategic IT leader today must be able to merge with the operating rhythms of other departments and work as team to think about the business outcome of their technology investments. Coming from a product team at Intuit, Atticus Tysen knows what it is like to determine the best IT ...

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4 Talent Management Strategies that Keep Your Company Competitive

Employers are paying increasing attention to talent management and talent optimization in recent years. Companies have now realized that human resources are the direct route to success, and their HR have been working to exploit as well as retain good employees. In the field of IT, the same rule applies. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett suggests some ways for IT managers to gather talents and fulfill business goals: Compete for new talent. Develop ...

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The Dark Side of Transparency

Think of an organization as a person: You have the need to share your feelings and exchange information to other people, but you still want to keep certain things to yourself. Similarly, transparency within an organization can backfire when employees know too well about each other or about the operations of the company. In an article for McKinsey, Julian Birkinshaw and Dan Cable talk about some problems with transparency within an organization: Can create information ...

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The Dual Roles of Strategic CIOs

CIOs play an important role in driving business and creating a competitive advantage for the company through technology. However, CIOs have different kinds of power and make different impacts on their company. Some CIOs focus mainly on their specialized tasks without spending time outside of the IT department, whereas others use IT as a tool to achieve the final business goals. In writing for the Enterprisers Project, Sven Gerjets says that strategic CIOs, in order ...

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The Modern CIO Mentality

Everyone in the business is making technology investments, and IT is not always being involved in those decisions. CIOs are losing ground and authority simply as a result of others’ zeal to stay current. In an article for ZDNet, Dion Hinchcliffe discusses the mentality that will allow CIOs to stay relevant. Tech on Demand Paradoxically, a major problem with IT’s ability to lead technology initiatives is IT’s wide-reaching nature. Each area of the business needs ...

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Why Great Teams Are about Personalities, Not Just Skills

Everyone wants the most skilled and gifted individuals working for them. However, hiring exclusively for skill can backfire, as imagine the friction if President Trump was appointed the highly experienced Bernie Sanders as his consultant. Factors like time, communication, personality harmony, and emotional intelligence determine the final outcome. Google’s recipe for a perfect team last year said that team empathy and harmony are what produce stellar results. They however neglected to mention the effect of ...

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3 Reasons Why Potential Leaders Are Overlooked

Gold is not easily found, and good leaders similarly stay hidden to a company’s executives. This happens because people want to pursue a new career turn, fail to grab opportunities, or are simply not favored by their superiors. Yet good leaders are crucial to the success of a company and satisfaction of employees. Therefore, failing to recognize natural-born leaders is a loss to the company. There are different ways to explain for why leaders stay ...

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What Are Companies Looking for in a CDO?

There is a secret behind the success of Uber and Lyft in pushing out traditional taxi companies, and it lies in nothing but digital transformation. Transforming your operation to be more digital-based can drive your business forward and top the competition, but it requires a dedicated professional who knows how to play the game well. It might require a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The CDO role has been around for a while and is continuing ...

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