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Technical Tip: Three Ways to Make Your Writing More Fit for Business

When people write text messages, they use every method available to shorten the sentences – no punctuation, acronyms and symbols, even truncated words. The concept is that nothing matters but getting your point across in as few characters as possible. That is fine for the outside world. The business world, however, is a totally different arena. When you need to write something in the professional world, you cannot use the same shortcuts used for texting. …

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Technical Tip: What Is the Oxford Comma, and Why Should I Care?

Many people have heard the phrase “Oxford Comma” and have no idea what it means. Even some of those who do know aren’t sure why anyone would care. When you’re writing in a programming language, you use the conventions of that language to communicate what you want the program to accomplish. When you use one character (;) instead of another (:), it makes a difference in the command. Or if you leave out the character …

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