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How to Browse Faster on Android

Hans-Georg Kluge shares a guide at AndroidPIT that covers how to make Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, and Opera respectively into smoother mobile experiences. Synchronizing bookmarks across devices, reducing data usage, and managing downloaded files are discussed. And if you are wondering what Dolphin is exactly, well, it covers information like that too. View the full guide and pick out the applicable tips here:

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4 Quick Tips for Using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has the unfortunate distinction of being the little brother of Internet Explorer, which is kind of like being the little brother of the biggest loser you remember from high school. Edge stands in Internet Explorer’s shadow and not in a good way. But Elana Pidgeon shares four tips at the Windows website to enjoy your time with Edge. Here they are: You can right-click tabs and pin them to the browser so that …

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6 Vivaldi Browser Tips for Power Users

Have you even heard of Vivaldi yet? It is a new browser targeting power users, and it prizes its customization options. Ayo Isaiah shares some tips for getting the most out of it in an article for MakeTechEasier. Firstly, F2 allows you to swiftly search for anything in open tabs, bookmarks, settings, and history. Second, tabs can be stacked by dragging one on top of another. Third, you can use “Web Panels” to add and …

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Handy Hidden Firefox Functions

Chrome is seemingly most popular, but Firefox has always been my browser of choice. For the like-minded, Evan Dashevsky provides a slideshow at PCMag illuminating some of the browser’s more interesting features. Chief among them is typing “about:config” into the URL bar, which opens up a whole suite of preferences that can destroy the browser’s usability if we are not careful. But if we are careful, we can use it to enable things like tab …

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Tips for a Fuller Google Chrome Experience

There is more underscoring the glossy chrome interior than you might realize. In an article for Business Insider, Jeff Dunn shares obscure and useful Chrome tips. For example, go ahead and type a math equation into the omnibar up top. You might be surprised to find the answer waiting for you. You can also go to the “Manage search engines” option in the settings to select which ones are most pertinent to you. Once this …

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Universal Browser Tips You May Not Be Using

We spend a lot of time with Internet browsers, so we ought to get to know them better. In an article for MakeUseOf, Mihir Patkar shares some tips that work across just about any browser worth using. For instance, the Esc key halts page loading. The spacebar scrolls down the page, but Shift+Spacebar will scroll back up. Ctrl+T will open up a new tab. And you can “pin” tabs to the browser by right-clicking on …

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