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4 Tips to Get Grateful at Work

From a leadership perspective, it is dangerous to ever just assume that people feel appreciated. Miriam Salpeter writes for U.S. New and World Report with four tips for getting more explicit with gratitude. The first one is to start getting grateful even if you have not entered a leadership position yet, because if you suddenly start expressing thanks in a new position, people might question if it is genuine. The second tip is to be ...

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Gratitude at Home and Work May Lead to Longer, Better Life

Neale Godfrey muses for Forbes over the overall life benefits to gratitude. And it is not that hard a case to make. Pervasive thanklessness creates stress, which at work reduces productivity and morale and increases safety concerns. Stress increases risk of sickness in general. When people are taught to be grateful (and indeed, gratefulness is a quality that must be taught from a young age), they are better equipped to cooperate well with others. For ...

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The Case for Gratitude at Work

Whether they do not want to be viewed as weak, or they do not want to embarrass anybody, people have a hard time expressing gratitude at work. In a post for the Dropbox Blog, Juli Fischer offers a rebuttal. In a nutshell, organizations that institutionalize gratitude see eye-opening employee benefits. Job satisfaction and loyalty go up, and job burnout risks decrease. Even better, grateful employees lock each other into a positive feedback loop, where everyone ...

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3 Easy Ways to Show Gratitude at Work

Some people are so naturally uptight that they have a hard time expressing anything at work, even gratitude. But Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin share three tiny things anybody can muster the strength to do in an article for Live Happy. The first is to point out when coworkers are doing something “right.” For instance, is someone always 10,000 percent punctual to meetings? Point it out graciously! The second way is to celebrate the small ...

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How a Little Gratitude Can Help You Get Ahead at Work

Expressing gratitude should always be a natural part of a person’s personality—not a means to an end. That being said, being grateful comes with plenty of ancillary benefits. Katie Douthwaite Wolf writes for the Muse with four ways to get appreciative in a way that… others will appreciate. Perks of Gratitude The most direct way to express gratitude is to get face to face with a person and give him or her a specific compliment. ...

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Five Ways Leaders Can Cultivate Gratitude at Work

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that people are “less likely to feel or express gratitude at work than anyplace else.” Yeesh. In an article for Berkeley’s Greater Good, Jeremy Adam Smith discusses five ways leaders can reverse this trend. Lead the Appreciation First of all, change starts at the top, meaning the leaders themselves need to get much more vocal about expressing thanks to employees. Maybe even make asking new employees how they like ...

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Eye Contact: How Long Is Too Long?

Look away from a person too often and you seem detached or rude. Look the person in the eye too long and you become a creepy psycho. What is the deal? Melinda Wenner Moyer writes for Scientific American sharing a few bits of research on the topic. A University College London study that used more than 400 volunteers found that 3.2 seconds is the ideal amount of time that you want someone to sustain eye ...

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Are You Burying Yourself in a Bunker of Work?

In an article for Inc., John Brandon posits one potential reason why people end up feeling lonely in the workplace—they think they work better that way. They feel a duty to maintain high personal productivity, which they think can only occur when working in isolation. In actuality, such unpunctuated working is only a recipe for burnout, of course. Besides, the best ideas often occur in groups. Off-hand remarks trigger disparate ideas in people’s minds, and ...

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Why Work Loneliness Isn’t a Personal Problem and How to Conquer It

Feelings of loneliness make a person withdraw from work, damaging productivity and motivation. Yet it is an emotion we can identify in colleagues, making it our obligation to make an effort when we see it. Janet Choi elaborates on this in an article for Lifehacker. Recognition, gratitude, and camaraderie are all things that people need, whether or not it is regularly acknowledged. Just paying attention to someone at all can be an inoculation against loneliness ...

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Suffering in Silence: 5 Tips for When You Feel Isolated at Work

Anne Niederkorn works in IT, physically removed from the corporate offices, and she once feared the silence and lack of communication there would drive her mad. But she persevered, and she shares five tips to feel less lonely at work in an article for the Muse. Her first tip is that, if things are too quiet, speak up! In her case, people literally were not even saying “good morning” upon arriving, so she finally took ...

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