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Getting more done in less time

Get Responsive about Communication with Deadlines

Procrastination works when nobody cares about anything but the final product—but realistically, in business, people are going to want regular updates on your work progress. Thus, get responsive to your deadlines with tips from Eva Rykrsmith in a post for The Fast Track. She essentially says that great work is accomplished when you actually care about the work, as opposed to great work resulting from merely millions of hours being thrown at it. Ideally, you ...

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Ways to Relax While Working on a Deadline

The walls are closing in around you. How do you keep it together just a little longer to meet deadline? Greig Anderson and Nindya Retnasatiti share some tips that work for them in an article for Creative Bloq. A frantic, messy brain is sometimes the product of a messy desk. Clean up your workspace in order to invite peace of mind back into your field of vision. If you find yourself generally lacking energy though, ...

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Live Free or Deadline: 5 Tips

You can manage your deadlines with tact, or you can hop from one crisis to the next and hate yourself. Margot Carmichael Lester shares five tips to get your affairs in order and not hate yourself in an article for Monster. He says to begin by making a list of all deadlines, including the work that does not actually have a definitive due date. This paints an immediate picture of how busy you really are. ...

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Bend Deadlines to Your Will

Deadlines, as their dramatic names would suggest, are helpful in the sense that they have prioritization built into them. They inherently create pressure for you to focus on them. Glenn Santos considers this and other ways to work with deadlines in a post for Endless Entertainment. Aside from the usual advice you hear, Santos says to avoid Monday deadlines, since they will probably cause you to waste your weekend on them. He also says to ...

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Get Organized: Tips for Meeting Deadlines

The more organized an individual is, the more resilient that person becomes to changes. In an article for PCMag, Jill Duffy gives some tips on how to get organized to fight a deadline. Her first tip is to always build padding into your schedule, in order to account for the unexpected (e.g., a boa constrictor vacations at your cube for a day). Beyond that, make your deadlines physically visible in order to increase urgency. Mark ...

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Deliver on Deadline Every Time: 6 Tips

The clock is ticking, and nothing is clicking. How do you avoid a situation like that? In an article for Inc., Harvey Mackay shares short but decisive tips for getting on top of deadlines. First, get absolute clarity about the deadline: What precise time is the work due, what precise result is expected, and how will that result’s success be measured? Next, negotiate if necessary to have the deadline shifted if it is unrealistic, or ...

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Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

Human psychology has set us up to burn out. Too often, value is placed on whether someone has worn him or herself out with work—as opposed to just valuing the end result of work. In an article for 99U, Oliver Burkeman scrutinizes the problems that this discrepancy raises. Work Smarter, Etc. There are many examples of how overvaluing effort spent over the work accomplished leads to dissatisfaction. For instance, there is the story of a ...

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Proactive Time-Saving Tips

Jonathan Long writes for Entrepreneur with time-saving tips for proactive souls. For instance, he says to maintain a to-do list, and if any tasks on it sound especially unappealing, you should do them first. Otherwise, you will dwell on those awful tasks and it will distract from the other work you are doing. Bite the bullet and get it out of the way early. Adopt that same attitude with any problems that arise—when you spot ...

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Cut to the Chase to Save Time at the Office

Some part of you instinctively knows when you are wasting time or procrastinating. In an article for NBC Today, Stuart Levine believes you can do better. He says in short-term and long-term scales that you should drive persistently toward your goals with focus. Whatever the task is, whether it is daunting or trivial, just get started on it. Beyond that, one particularly good tip he has is to make effective use of “Got it”: When ...

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Tips to Save Time in Your Personal and Professional Life

Dan Novaes offers some down-to-Earth, rarely heard advice for how entrepreneurs can prevent life from passing by too quickly in an article for Fast Company. Above all else, he says you need to value your time. That means only attending business meet-ups and lunches that will yield a tangible benefit to you. He even says most conferences are a waste of time, in that YouTube is full of advice and speeches already and that the ...

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