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Don’t Let Fear Disqualify You

In a post at her blog, Patty Azzarello gives us a quick pep talk about fear, namely, that even the most successful people feel it. However, successful people always work through it. General fear of failure is not a good reason not to take on a new opportunity. And even if we do fail in small ways, valuable learning opportunities will come from them. If doubts are still lingering, then we can seek out a ...

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You Can Work Yourself to Death

Sohaila Abdulali shares research in an article for the Guardian that indicates the unsurprising finding that too much work can put you in an early grave. The research looked at over 2,200 adults in their 60s over seven years. It found that “those in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow die younger or are less healthy than those who have more flexibility and discretion in their jobs and are able to set their ...

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Are You Unknowingly Afraid of Success?

Is there anything scarier than success? Yes, trillions of things. Yet some people still manage to be intimidated by the prospect of it. In an article for 99U, Mark McGuiness explains three ways that people are afraid of it and how to deal with them. First, there is the fear of not coping with success, in that people are entering a brand new, alien situation. However, as McGuiness points out, “If you’ve been resourceful enough ...

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Getting Past 4 Common Workplace Fears

The workplace can be a spooky place for various reasons. In an article for Forbes, Glenn Llopis discusses how to work through four of the most common fears. The first fear is of the boss. Sometimes, fear of the boss is unfounded. Other times, bosses use fear as a means to maintain order when they lack the skills to lead effectively. In either case, employees should get to understand their bosses’ weaknesses and express their ...

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5 Tips to Overcome Fears at Work

No wall in your head is too big to climb. Robin Madell shares five tips to overcome fears in an article for U.S. News and World Report. First, understand that there are common fears that plague many people, and in turn many solutions that have been devised. Research your individual fears and see what options are available. Second, outgrow any fears of self-promotion. If you are seeking a raise, confidently and respectfully lay out the ...

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3 Steps to Overcome a Career Fear

Demons can be exorcised. Psychos can be incarcerated. Under-the-skin, work-borne fears are not as easy to rid though. In an article for the Muse, Lea McLeod provides three steps to vanquish any fear that gets in your way. The first step is to analyze the fear, because logically thinking through a fear is the first way to disarm it. Literally write down the fear, what causes it, how it is negatively affecting you, and what ...

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Shin Godzilla: An Unexpectedly Agile Monster Movie

Last weekend, I had the good fortune to catch a limited screening of Shin Godzilla (sometimes known as Godzilla Resurgence), a brand new Japanese reboot of the classic franchise. Not to be confused with the 2014 American film, this movie puts Godzilla back in Tokyo, where he promptly destroys everything. Yet there is a baffling second nemesis at the forefront of the movie: government bureaucracy. Equally surprising, a shift toward agile practices seems to be ...

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How to Minimize Bureaucracy as Your Business Grows

Slowly but surely, you can dismantle the bureaucracy in your business one tactic at a time. In an article for Intuit, John Boitnott discusses the tactics at your disposal. The first of them is to avoid segmentation of the workforce; get people involved in various aspects of the business so that they are not utterly dependent on other people for certain work to proceed. Always be looking to reduce how many levels of approval must ...

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6 Ways to Strip Out Bureaucracy

Like puberty, bureaucracy seems to strike at younger and younger ages. Unlike puberty, it does not get better over time. John Brandon shares six tips in an article for Inc. for creating conditions that inhibit bureaucratic sprawl. The first tip is to conduct projects over as short a timeline as is feasible, because people work more urgently and with increased focus on a deadline. Importantly, people also feel less inclined to spend time discussing anything ...

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How to Reduce Bureaucracy’s Costs

Anyone who unwittingly (or consciously) enforces rules that are no longer useful is a bureaucrat. That is the takeaway from an article by Russell Bishop for the New York Times. That could mean that you are part of the problem right now! But knowing is half the battle. Too often, individual departments of organizations will find a process that works and then ride that process into eternity. Whether aspects of it are outdated are not ...

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