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PMP Certification

Tips for getting certified

5 Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

The PMP credential is one of the most popular project management certifications out there. The exam to earn it can however be a challenge, and not everyone passes it, in spite of the availability of prep courses and other training materials. In an article for Project Times, PMP prep teacher Emil Tarka gives five different reasons he believes that people fail the PMP exam: Lack of preparation Difficult exam Turning the PMP exam into an …

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5 Reasons to Get PMP Certified This Year

If you’re looking for a new professional goal this year, getting certified is a good way to boost your knowledge and have more inspiration to go to work every morning. More certifications means more benefits, and the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is recognized worldwide. It shows that you are a master when it comes to project management, and you don’t have to talk your colleagues into believing it. Elizabeth Harrin, writing for Project …

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Are Your IT Certifications Killing Your Career?

Is too much of a good thing really that bad? When it comes to specializations, they are proven to be invaluable assets. However, according to Bruce Harpham in an article for, too many specializations may just limit your potential. Here are some right and wrong ways to pursue certification. Buried in Certification What exactly does IT specialization look like? Because of the 2007-2009 recession, several IT professionals altered their focus towards healthcare because of …

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Why You Should Zip It About Your PMP

You have acquired the golden ticket to success: your PMP, congratulations! But, in the relentless real world, this golden ticket does not grant you access to more prestige. In a post for PM Hut, Joe Caprara explores reasons why your PMP does not automatically heighten your abilities, and why you should be mindful not to become too big-headed. It Takes More than Book Smarts PMI does an excellent job of providing real-world experiences integrated into …

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PMP Exam Changes: What’s New

Fall is just around the corner (or spring, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). Either way, change is in the air. In a post for PM Hut, Andrea Brockmeier outlines the latest changes to the PMI certification exams. She covers the general why, what, and how of each change. What and Why It’s not uncommon for PMI to change its exams according to Role Delineation Study (RDS) or the Examination Content Outline (ECO). Overall, the …

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Project Managers Today

Leaders across the business spectrum are increasingly realizing the value of projects to grow companies. Therefore, project management skills are becoming more broadly relevant than ever. But as Elizabeth Harrin explains, it also means that people’s definition of project management is varying wildly. Radical variations in pay and employer expectations are to ensue from this confusion of roles. Project Management Soup To help prospective professionals better define the role of project management, several industry bodies …

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5 Lessons Learned from Becoming a PMP

Professional development can be a challenging goal, such as when one earns their Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Bruce Harpham writes at Project Management Hacks outlining the five lessons learned on his journey to becoming a professionally certified PMP. Five Lessons of PMP Certification Knowing why a goal matters Learning to identify role models Adjusting the plan of action Proactively managing exam day Celebrating success To build and sustain motivation for a goal, take the …

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PMP or ITIL? That is the Question

PMP or ITIL – they’re both good, to be honest, but which is better for you? Unless you have an inordinate amount of time to pursue both certifications, you’ll need to select one based on the relevant criteria. That is why Stephen Alexander offers some advice in his article for The ITSM Review. Make Money / Save Money Alexander cuts right to the chase, framing the choice between PMP and ITIL as one of “cost …

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7 Basic Quality Planning Tools You Should Know for the PMP Certification Exam

PMP certification tools are not for dummies, but an article written on the For Dummies website by Cynthia Snyder suggests that, with the right explanation, anyone can grasp these seven quality control tools (the 7QC tools). No. 1 – Cause and Effect Diagram Any time you need to get to the heart of a problem, jot down (or type) the problem, defect, or error. Then list the possible contributing factors. If you need to get a …

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