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How to build a better you

Mindset Secrets to Achieve Your Goals Faster

In an article for Entrepreneur, Scott Hansen shares a few small tips to achieve your goals sooner than later. It starts by getting really clear about what you want in the big-picture sense, even getting clear about you how expect that goal to change your life. After that, Hansen says to write down that goal, but to write it in a way that it sounds like you have already achieved it. (“I am so happy ...

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3 Elements of Building Determination

Nobody likes a quitter, except for the winners who triumph over them. In a post for Mental Toughness Trainer, Craig Sigl describes the three ingredients you need to feel and maintain fierce determination toward a goal. Firstly, there has to be a strong decision made to pursue the goal; wishy-washiness is no foundation at all. Second, there has to be a passionate and emotional reason why you want to obtain that goal, so that you ...

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4 Ways to Persevere Toward Goals

Cece Suwal and Mark Brener share four ways to stay the course toward goals, no matter how much junk has accumulated on the tracks. For instance, they say to stay “rationally optimistic,” which means acknowledging that problems can arise but not letting it ruin your outlook. In fact, embrace your setbacks as the learning opportunities that they are. And remember that you are not a robot, and there is such a thing as being too ...

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Little Tips to Hit Your Goals for the Year

Not every aspect of hitting your goals demands a paradigm-shifting rethink of your life. Sometimes, you just want little tips like, “Use an action planner!” which is what Alyssa Gregory offers in an article for the Balance. She also reminds you that an app exists for everything now, including goal-setting, so pick one out that aligns with what you would like to do. Then make sure you build enough time into your schedule that you ...

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Effort Transforms the Body and the Mind—If You Want It To

Swedish psychologist and Florida State University professor K. Anders Ericsson has studied what makes masters in various fields (sports, business, etc.) different from the rest of society. The major trend he has uncovered in all cases is that expert ability truly comes from… just making a daily effort to improve. An interview with Ericsson by Tricia van der Grient uncovers some of his insights. Deliberate and Determined Ericsson says “the experts developed their abilities through ...

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Sequencing Makes Your Biggest Goals Achievable

Everyone with a sliver of imagination has had lofty ambitions at some point, but few actually succeed in reaching those highest elevations. In an article for Inc., Ramit Sethi posits that the reason why people do not succeed is that they have been undervaluing a very basic factor. It involves dominoes. Stronger Determination Today YouTube videos will show that dominoes, when knocked over, can knock over other dominoes upward of around 1.5 times their size. ...

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How to Improve Your Default Response to Stress

Everyone feels stressed at times. And there are times in our lives when we are pushed to the limit with great tension. It would be intolerant if we don’t know how to reduce and respond to stress in the right way. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Michelle Gielan categorizes people based on their response to stress into three specific groups: Venters: highly expressive people who are open about stressful events in their lives, ...

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4 Ways Lack of Self-Confidence Is Dangerous

Low self-confidence is self-destructive. Amanda Rose briefly outlines the ways this is true in an article for Business Woman Media. Most obviously, low self-confidence makes people underestimate how much they are really capable of accomplishing. It also stifles their ability to even imagine a better tomorrow for themselves. Worse yet, people can often sense when a person has low confidence, and in business especially, people may not want to be bothered to work with someone ...

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The Imagination Gap

Business leaders in a multitude of sectors are not truly ready for digital transformation, because, well, how could they be? It is such a quantum shift from what came before. It will require greater imagination to see it through. Jeffrey Rothfeder discusses this in an article for strategy+business. He skims over significant technological developments affecting various industries, and then he offers three strategic solutions to addressing business changes. The first is to reimagine operations in ...

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Boost Your Business Confidence

If you always stay hungry for more, then those belly growls might drown out the whispers of self-doubt. In a post for Daymond John’s Success Formula, Mark Gonsalves discusses a few ways to boost your business confidence. Yes, you want to dress for success, and you want to learn to say no when the situation calls for it. But you should also the learn difference between being assertive and being aggressive. If I were to ...

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