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How to Speak Up about Ethical Issues at Work

Not everyone is a saint. You might have to work with a few devils from time to time, but what should you do when you have actually witnessed dishonest behavior? Amy Gallo offers advice at Harvard Business Review. The Light Side and the Dark Side Firstly, be weary of rationalizing what you think you saw. If you try to decide that it is “not a big deal” or “it’s someone else’s responsibility to take care ...

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Three Reasons Why Introverts Don’t Speak Up (and How to Speak Up Anyway)

Outspoken people do not see what the big deal is about speaking up in a meeting. Quiet people do not see how speaking up could be anything but a big deal. In an article for Fast Company, Robert Chen discusses what silent souls can do to motivate themselves to speak up. Open Your Yap There are three major reasons why you may not speak up. The first is that you want to be respectful of ...

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5 Leadership Keys to Inspire Top Performance

In a post at his website, leadership guru Brian Tracy shares a few quick tips for the leadership traits that earn the best results. Here is how they work out: Accept complete responsibility for your staff—your circus, your monkeys. Grant employees the same patience and understanding that you would the young people in your own family. Practice time, care, and respect with your employees. Practice servant leadership, catering to employee needs as they cater to ...

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5 Different Types of Leadership Styles

Have you heard about enough leadership styles by now? No, you need to hear five more. In an article for Chron, Rose Johnson discusses these styles that might reflect in you how operate. In brief: Laissez-faire leaders go with the flow, not offering feedback or guidance on a regular basis, and thus may not be especially effective either. Autocratic leaders reserve total power and make decisions without input from others, which is not going to ...

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Four American Leadership Styles

Pragmatist, idealist, steward, or diplomat—these are the options. In an article for Forbes, Mark Murphy discusses these leadership styles and the strengths of each. To begin, the pragmatists are fixated with hitting goals and set high standards for themselves and others. Under pragmatists, employees might experience terrific personal growth—or total burnout. Murphy finds pragmatists account for only 8-12 percent of American leaders. Idealists are charismatic optimists who believe in their employees’ individual creativity. As a ...

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Which of These Six Leadership Styles Defines You?

Different groups classify leadership styles in different ways, and the Hay Group advocates six types. In an article for Entrepreneur, Tor Constantino describes these six different leadership types. You might find that you are primarily one type but also express shades of a couple others. This is how they break down: Directive: Issues unilateral orders as a means to run the business (typically only viewed as useful in emergency situations these days) Visionary: Shares a ...

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5 Leadership Traits to Avoid

If you have ever watched a movie that has an evil boss in it and thought to yourself, “Wow, that person is just like me!” then there is a problem. In an article for the Muse, Abby Wolfe addresses five leadership qualities not to develop. First among them—do not be a know-it-all. Even if you do know it all, there is no need to convey that condescendingly. Use your knowledge to make others better, not ...

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Can You Switch between These Two Styles?

In an article for Harvard Business Review, Jon Maner identifies two generally opposed leadership styles that make for a robust management capability. He refers to them as “dominance” and “prestige” styles, and there is a time and place for both. Here is what you need to know. The Dual Leader Dominance relates to being assertive and invoking your formal authority. Dominant leaders incentivize and punish in order to bring about the results they want, and ...

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Mindset Secrets to Achieve Your Goals Faster

In an article for Entrepreneur, Scott Hansen shares a few small tips to achieve your goals sooner than later. It starts by getting really clear about what you want in the big-picture sense, even getting clear about you how expect that goal to change your life. After that, Hansen says to write down that goal, but to write it in a way that it sounds like you have already achieved it. (“I am so happy ...

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3 Elements of Building Determination

Nobody likes a quitter, except for the winners who triumph over them. In a post for Mental Toughness Trainer, Craig Sigl describes the three ingredients you need to feel and maintain fierce determination toward a goal. Firstly, there has to be a strong decision made to pursue the goal; wishy-washiness is no foundation at all. Second, there has to be a passionate and emotional reason why you want to obtain that goal, so that you ...

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