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A Guide to Email Design Best Practices

In spite of all the new options that exist, email is still a major marketing tool. A good email campaign can crack open the gates to new business—but only if the design of the email is stellar. In a post at MageMail, Amanda Ng shares a comprehensive guide to email design best practices. The Email Starter Pack Ng touches upon almost everything one could think of, so here are just a few highlights to munch …

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3 Ways to Win Trust Fast

Your words are important in establishing trust, but body language plays an important part too. This video pinpoints three precise ways that body language can help you build a bond quickly.

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10 Tips for Having a Productive Day

This video from Entrepreneur gives you a plan you can use every day and be satisfied at the end with your productivity. And as a bonus, I’ll give you a tip of my own: Watch YouTube videos at 1.5x speed. You’ll still get the message, but 50 percent faster!

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Being Wrong: It’s Not That Big a Deal

In a TED talk, Kathryn Schulz digs into the psychology of why people are so afraid to be wrong, why this attitude is hazardous, and how to step outside of that mind frame. So if you live in fear of being called out on your mistakes, watch this. Maybe you’ll relieve some tension in your life.

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