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Why We Should Be Disagreeing More at Work

Too many people feel that saying, “I disagree,” is the same thing as saying, “You’re an idiot. I hate you. Why are you here?” So instead, they just go along with someone else’s faulty logic, like being in the passenger seat with a drunk driver. In this way, the desire to avoid conflict can sometimes explode into much more disastrous situations. That means it is time to change your attitude about disagreeing. Amy Gallo shares …

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Career Move in Project Management

Once a project manager, always a project manager? Not necessarily. Regardless of the situation, you reserve the right to explore your options and break out in a new direction. In a post at Strategy Execution, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen discusses the steps you can take to prepare yourself for a career change: Be specific about what you want. Analyze feedback and past successes. Identify skill gaps. Update your CV. Network and meet with recruiters. …

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5 Ways You Can Recover from Mistakes

At work and in life in general, you’re going to make mistakes. When that happens, you can acknowledge them and work to fix them, or you can avoid facing them and let them balloon into something worse. This video provides five tips to do the former.

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