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Advice from Robert Herjavec

A recent Facebook Live chat captured many insights from successful entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, and if you have a nice chunk of time to spend this Sunday morning, those insights can now be yours too. A great listen!

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Making Jewelry out of Recycled Computer Parts

Dell cares about sustainability, recycling, and making money. So they’ve put those principles together to create jewelry out of recycled motherboard gold. Apparently, there is “800 times more gold in a ton of motherboards than in a ton of raw ore,” so this is a heck of a good idea.

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Facebook Is Changing Its Algorithms

Usually, a company changes its site algorithms to squeeze more pennies from users. Facebook is doing the opposite, trying to increase meaningful interaction between friends and downplay frivolous content. This is great for users, but will it hurt profits for everyone selling through Facebook? Facebook’s Vice President of NewsFeed, Adam Mosseri, doesn’t think so—but then again, he’s paid to say that.

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The Crime-Repelling Speaker

Are you paranoid? Like, really, really paranoid? Then have I got the technology for you! This speaker can be programmed to simulate the sort of sounds you make during the day, to make it sound like people are home even when your house is empty. It even flashes random lights for some reason!

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