Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Upcoming Technologies that Will Make a More Exciting World

The future is going to be a really fun place if we can keep our act together long enough to see it. The BBC’s Science Focus has compiled a list of strange and exciting technological developments that could make tomorrow’s world a better place. Here is a handful: Devices that use sound waves to strangle and extinguish fires “Hyperloop” trains envisioned by Elon Musk, which could travel 760 mph Crowd-sourced antibiotics, with bacteria samples swabbed ...

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5 Innovations in 3D Printing

There are 3D printers now that can even print the parts to make more 3D printers. The sky is the limit here. In an article for Entrepreneur, Manya Jha pinpoints five of the more notable ongoing innovations with this budding technology: Food! 3D-printed food will be able to impart precisely the amount of nutrients needed, and in the combinations required. Will it taste any good though? Eh, maybe someday. 3D-printed shoes, used to fit the ...

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The 10 Best Technological Innovations in Fashion So Far

If your T-shirt cannot talk to the refrigerator or change colors on demand, you are behind the times. Well, no, that is not really true, but fashion and technology are colliding in highly practical ways. In an article for Complex, Erica Euse highlights 10 of the most significant advancements so far: Biometric smart shirts, which can track things like heart rate and calories burned Pants that charge your phone whenever the phone is in your ...

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10 Breakthrough Technologies to Watch in 2017

Nobody knows technology like MIT knows technology. MIT Technology Review has compiled a robust list of the technologies likely to make the biggest impacts on our lives, across all industries. Here is a brief rundown of their picks: Brain implants to reverse paralysis after spinal cord injuries Self-driving trucks, which, well, might lay off a lot of truck drivers Using face detection to corroborate identity (e.g., authorize payments) Quantum computers that are actually viable Inexpensive ...

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The Future of Cities: More Energy, More Possibilities

The Wall Street Journal has put together a panel of experts to talk about everything that can go right and wrong with the technological advancements that will transform cities in the not-so-distant future. It will require responsibility and imagination to make the best of advances. Here are some of the highlights: “Microgrids”—small localized solar or wind-powered systems—can be built directly in cities, supplementing other means of power generation. Big data is being used to benchmark ...

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Creative Genius—TODAY?

It’s not often that an article about genius starts with a reference to William Shatner’s iconic Star Trek sci-fi character, James T. Kirk. In the 1968 TV show, Kirk is discussing one of the greatest minds of his century when he says, “A genius doesn’t work on an assembly line basis. Did Einstein…produce new and revolutionary theories on a regular schedule? You can’t simply say, ‘Today I will be brilliant.’ ” I would contend that ...

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Is Fear the Only Reason Employees Don’t Speak Up?

Usually when an article is titled with a yes/no question and uses the word “only,” the answer is “no,” so you can see where this is going. In a quick post at his blog, Mark Graban asks this question and the answer may (not) surprise you. No, fear is not the only reason why employees do not speak up at work. In fact, statistically it seems a sense of futility is the culprit more than ...

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Speaking Up: What Encourages and Discourages It

There are hills and valleys to communication. Sometimes it is utterly natural; sometimes it is agonizing. International business speaker Mike Kerr shares examples of both in a post at his blog. First, here are some barriers that inhibit speaking up: Utter lack of trust or no infrastructure for ensuring ideas are sent up the leadership chain Lack of encouragement to speak up, accidentally implying that others’ voices are not valued Overly critical managers or fear ...

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How to Get Over a Fear of Speaking Up

When you are new, or when you are just meek, speaking up at work can feel like a risky proposition. But as Jon Simmons explains in an article for Monster, this fear is both natural and probably unfounded. In fact, not speaking up may be more dangerous. Research suggests not speaking up is the first step toward absenteeism, productivity loss, and eventually job turnover. You kind of marginalize yourself out of existence in a negative ...

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No More Frustration: Speak Up at Work

Sometimes, you work for someone who is just a straight-up dingus, or, worse, a standard jerk. In an article for the Muse, Lea McLeod relates how to speak up in these times of adversity. It beats sucker punching your boss in the parking lot. When you are regularly dealing with a boss who behaves erratically or even contemptuously, the behavior is never going to get better on its own. You must advocate for yourself if ...

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