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Get the REAL Value Proposition Right

Recently, “value proposition” has burst on the scene as a hot new buzzword topic of articles, speeches, and webinars. Ones I’ve seen seem to present pretty similar messages, with some good advice points yet ultimately still not getting it right. Despite saying value propositions should focus on the customer, the approaches I’ve seen pay lip service to but actually miss the customer view. They fail to realize that value propositions should reflect true customer value ...

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ROI Is Deceptive without REAL Requirements and Quantified Intangibles

Common presumed best practices for determining return on investment (ROI), advocated by almost all apparent authorities, in reality often undermine ROI’s very purposes. ROI is supposed to provide a valid and reliably supportable objective basis for making decisions: the quantified dollar benefits of an approach versus its quantified dollar costs. However, the customarily recommended practice of listing but not quantifying the dollar value of “intangible” benefits leaves a gaping loophole that can render even seemingly ...

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How Long Is Too Long to Bask in Winning a Business Award?

Businesses get awarded various certificates all the time from associations and the like. How long is too long to celebrate an aging achievement? Andrew Griffiths gives his two cents on the subject for Inc. He went to a restaurant once that displayed an award that was more than six years outdated. Seeing something like that inadvertently raises a lot of questions: Why haven’t they won more awards since then? Has their quality decreased? Am I ...

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Does My Small Business Really Need Brand Management?

Brands are often associated with large businesses. However, a brand can be used effectively by small businesses as well to increase their profitability. Branding a new business is just as important as insuring your business and knowing when to hire an employee. Your business will not be maximizing its profitability if you are not building a strong brand. Build Loyalty By creating a distinctive brand, your business will be able to cultivate brand loyalty, which ...

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Bridging the Loyalty Gap between Your Brand and Millennials

Millennials, composed of individuals born between 1982 and 1993, are well-known for a lot of things that differentiate them from Baby Boomers and Generation X. For one, their connection with one another, as well as with the world around them, is highly prominent because of the technological advancements they grew up in, particularly with social media. The Power of Millennials As a business owner, you should know that Millennials currently make up a significant piece ...

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7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

The business logo is the heart of branding. A bad logo might not kill a business, but it will incur a lot of extra upkeep that would otherwise not have been necessary. Lindsay Rothfeld writes for Mashable with seven tips for a great logo. Designed to Succeed Here are the tips in quick succession: Be as unique in your logo as possible, because if it looks like the Amazon logo, that is all anyone is ...

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Building Your Brand: Proving and Differentiating Your Small Business

An article at Staples provides an admirable primer on the many aspects that go into making a brand. It all begins with understanding why you are in business and building a brand out of that. For instance, you want to clearly define your brand promise, such as Volvo’s being “cars that offer both safety and luxury.” Decide on your target audience from there and think about what differentiates you from the competition. Create a dialogue ...

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5 Tips for Creating an Appealing and Memorable Brand

Nobody aims to build a boring and unmemorable brand, but that is too often the end product. Scott Langdon writes for Entrepreneur with five tips to avoid this dark fate. Toward a Sunnier Brand Langdon starts by suggesting you think about incorporating humor into branding. Is there some amusing image you can get people to associate with your brand, in a way that puts a smile on their face rather than degrades the business? Consider ...

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7 Fresh Ideas on How to Brand Your Business

The brand of the business is its clothes, its hairstyle, its attitude, so you had better get it just right. Liz Papagni writes with seven suggestions in an article for Business 2 Community. Business Soul Searching Branding begins with authenticity; if you pose the business as something it is not, the customers you attract will likely never be satisfied with what they receive. Openly acknowledge the things for which your business is not so useful. ...

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4 Tips to Create a Household Name, Not Just a Brand

Brian Scudamore, founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and more recently WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, knows a thing or two about branding. In an article for Forbes, he shares his four biggest insights for building a brand that sticks. Unforgettable Tips The first tip is that the name is critically important. “WOW 1 DAY PAINTING” tells you exactly what to expect—you will be wowed with the fact that your house was painted in one day. Its name was ...

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