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What It Will Take to Make the Tech Industry More Diverse

Between 1984 and 2013, the number of women versus men earning computer science bachelor’s degrees decreased from 37 percent to 18 percent. Blacks and Hispanics hold a disproportionately low amount of these degrees as well. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Susan Colby, Helen Ma, Kelsey Robinson, and Lareina Yee discuss how to solve these issues. Bringing New Faces into IT In the first place, McKinsey research indicates that only 44 percent of females ...

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4 Things to Know about Managing Millennial Employees

In an article for Forbes, culture consultant Micah Solomon explains that uniting employees is more important than picking apart the differences between them. He shares four pieces of wisdom about working with Millennials. First, Millennials are eager to share responsibility, so empower them to accomplish great things for the business. Second, they have a strong desire for work-life balance. If they are deftly completing their work to your satisfaction, perhaps consider introducing more flexibility into ...

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3 Realities about Managing Millennials

Anyone who tries to typecast a whole generation of people is going to have a bad time, so let’s stop pretending we can stereotype millions of people and instead look at a few general trends among Millennials. In an article for The Muse, Emily Disston touches upon three things that are more likely to occur with Millennial employees. The first is that they are more prone to ask about the “whys” of new work they ...

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Goldman Sachs on How Millennials Affect the Economy

Adding up to around 92 million, the Millennial generation outnumbers the Baby Boomers by approximately 15 million. Goldman Sachs offers an interactive infographic sharing varied statistics about Millennial financial attitudes. For instance, just under 30 percent of Millennials, ages 18-34, were living at home with parents in 2010, and the median marriage age is 30. Between ages 25 and 34, renters in 2013 numbered 60 percent compared to 52 percent in 2005. However, 40 percent ...

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The Myth of the Millennial Entrepreneur

The number of people under 30 years old who own a business is at a quarter-century low, and down 65 percent since the 1980s. For the moment at least, the idea of Millennials taking the world by storm as entrepreneurs is largely fantasy. Derek Thompson explains in an article for the Atlantic. Entreprenope Although one magazine claims that “60 percent of Millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs, and 90 percent recognize entrepreneurship as a mentality,” the mindset ...

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How Grant Leveraged Failure in the Civil War

This article is a sidebar continuation of ideas raised in “Failure Is Not Optional: Why Project Failure Is OK.” In understanding failure, the most effective analogue for me has been in looking at the life of Ulysses S. Grant and the conduct of the Civil War under Lincoln, especially after the president appointed Grant head of the Union armies. The Overland Campaign of 1864-65 was of particular importance, not only because it led to Union ...

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7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Promoting Someone to Management

Liking somebody is not always a good enough reason to promote the person, especially as it pertains to management. Robyn Melhuish writes for TLNT with seven questions to ask yourself to confirm promotion is the right move: Does the employee’s attitude align with company goals? There is no room for deviant agendas. Does your employee have good soft skills? Robots do not make for good leaders (well, yet). Does the employee see the big picture? ...

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Who to Promote? 10 Keys to Identifying People with High Potential

In an article for Forbes, Jack Zenger uses his research to identify the traits that stand out among those with high potential, and thus highlight which individuals will perform best after a promotion. For instance, such people have a strong knack for maintaining a strategic perspective in all of their actions and focusing on results. Such people also embrace teamwork and know how to inspire the people who work around them. They become role models ...

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How to Promote from Within Systematically

Offering promising career paths keeps high-performing employees around, so Lauren Cannon provides a spectrum of tips for internal promoting in an article for Inc. It all begins with recruitment, since these are the people who will be receiving promotions. Hire for not just skill but for general eagerness to learn, which is a key ingredient in succeeding after a promotion. When grooming people for promotions, carefully plot new responsibilities for them to take on, keeping ...

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The Difference between Promoting for Talent or Capability

If you need a refresher, the Peter Principle basically states that people get promoted until they become too incompetent in their current position to continue advancing. In an article for Fast Company, Baron Schwartz discusses how to prevent such things in your business. He realizes that most people get promoted because they exhibit great talent within their current range of responsibilities. On the face of it, this sounds sensible, except that great talent in one ...

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