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How to Hire a Millennial

In an article for Forbes, Joseph Fuller briefly examines the trends in how businesses attempt to cater to Millennials as potential employees. General Electric for instance is planning to move from Connecticut to Boston in order to appease Millennials that want to work in big cities. This is a big step, and not every step businesses take in order to attract fresh talent needs to be this extreme. For instance, offering flexible work hours outside ...

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Traits of the Awesome Employees

In case you somehow forgot, Peter Economy spells out the traits that make for a great new hire in an article for Inc. For instance, an excelsior candidate will display a great work ethic, taking pride in the work and eager to get it right. Such people will also come prepared to interviews, having researched the organization beforehand and aligned their resumes to fit the position at hand. You are looking for the people who ...

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3 Hiring Tips that Work

Business owner Tucker Max (who is famous in frat boy circles) realized earlier in his career that the use of fancy hiring tools cannot actually guarantee high-quality hires. In an article for Entrepreneur, he shares three quick tips to remember instead. First, understand the exact skills the job requires and make sure candidates have them; do not hire based off who gives the air of being most impressive during an interview. Second, ask candidates for ...

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How to Hire with Algorithms

Welcome to the cold, miserable future, where computers decide who gets an interview or a job. Want to get in on that action? Oren Danieli, Andrew Hillis, and Michael Luca share some tips in an article for Harvard Business Review. They share five principles for working with hiring algorithms: (1) Pick the right performance metric, because the algorithm will doggedly and absolutely pursue whatever goal you give it—and nothing else. (2) Collect the right variables ...

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How to Hire People Who Really Get Stuff Done

When it comes to recruiting, Marie Burns looks for “GSDers,” people who “get stuff done.” In an article for the Muse, she describes how she finds the GSDers. It takes some effort. In the pre-screening, scan resumes and cover letters for action words like “created” and “influenced,” not more passive words like “helped.” Look for people who have a track record of success and who get involved in additional work and activities outside of their ...

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Ways to Hire Great People and Avoid Hiring Disasters

Few business situations are as awkward as a hire that just does not work out. Brian Tracy and Mark Thompson share a multitude of sharp hiring tips in an article for Monster. Use these tips to avoid monster hires. (Yep, I went there.) For starters, always interview at least three people for a position, even if the first person seems awesome, so that you develop a wide frame of reference for the skills and personalities ...

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How to Conduct an Exit Interview the Right Way

There are things to do and not do in the quest for a more perfect exit interview process. Eric Cormier explains in a post for Insperity. He believes that face-to-face interviews are best, but it might not be the worst thing to combine a face-to-face interview with a written component. Among questions not to ask, remember that the interview is supposed to fixate on just the employee and the business, so avoid asking ugly questions ...

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Use the Exit Interview to Reduce Employee Turnover

Make the “Exit” sign the worst thing that your employees ever see during the workday. Dona DeZube writes for Monster with tips for a candid and useful exit interview process. Since getting the person to share honest answers for leaving is critical, begin by, well, asking them what made them start looking for a new job. Encourage the person to just air out his or her thoughts on everything (well, “everything,” not everything). An especially ...

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4 Things You Should Ask an Employee Who’s Leaving

If you want to take a quick, ripping-off-a-Band-Aid approach to conducting the exit interview, Liz Kelly writes for The Muse with at least four questions to ask the leaving employee. The first is, “How did the job match your expectations?” It is crucial to know if the job responsibilities originally outlined really apply to the job that was done, and if this is not the case, it should now be known how to revise the ...

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6 Must-Ask Exit Interview Questions

Not conducting an exit interview is no different than being offered a magazine full of secret business information and deciding to set it on fire. Jessica Miller-Merrell writes for Glassdoor with six questions for people who are not pyromaniacs: Why did you begin looking for a new job? What ultimately led you to accept the position? Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well? How would you describe the culture of ...

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