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5 Ways to Stay Positive When Things Get Negative

In a post for the IT Managers Inbox, Sam Grier shares his five rules to stay positive. It requires more discipline than you might expect, but it is more than worth it. His first rule is to control your response to negative happenings; count to 10 if you have to in order to avoid saying something you will regret. The second rule is to look for opportunities to learn from every negative situation. The third ...

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The Dangerous Power of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a self-fulfilling prophecy made more dangerous by the fact that we may not realize we are engaging in it. Walter E. Jacobson, M.D. discusses this trap in an article for the Huffington Post. He says we must become more self-conscious of the thoughts that enter our heads and develop sensitivity to when we are becoming too negative. After all, negativity is a defense mechanism, and while it might make us feel safer ...

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Can Powerful Emotions Kill You? Health Effects of Specific Negative Emotions

There is “more than one way to skin a cat,” and the cat is you when it comes to negative emotions. In an article for Medical Daily, Lecia Bushak examines what happens to you when succumb to specific bad feelings. Maybe this will convince you to calm down. For starters, there is anger. Anger inspires a surge of chemicals that can result in heart attacks and general cardiovascular problems (the threat of which increases over ...

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What Negative Thinking Does to Your Brain

Thousands of years of early man chasing and fleeing from savage animals led our brains to fixate on threats to our well-being. What does such a deep-rooted fixation with threats do to us as modern people? Kathleen Toohill looks into the repercussions of negative mindsets in an article for ATTN:. Interestingly, more neural activity occurs from negative occurrences than positive ones, and we can identify angry faces faster than happy ones. Again, this is all ...

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Five Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Work Environment

When you are surrounded by Debbie Downers, it can be hard to be an Ulrich Upper. Julie Fuimano shares five ways to stay positive at work anyway. It begins with acknowledging that the way people around you work is creating negative friction for one reason or another. After that, you need to honestly consider if you are contributing to that negativity: Do you gossip about people? Are you complaining without offering solutions? Such behavior must ...

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4 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

About half of the nation is feeling pretty okay right now, and the other half is feeling utterly devastated. For the sake of a more perfect union, let’s discuss how we all can get more positive about life and work. Emma Watson shares four tips in an article for Lifehack. First, have or find a positive support group, people who have our backs through thick and thin. Negative people bring others down with them, but ...

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How Long Is Too Long to Sit at Your Desk?

As Brigid Schulte relates in an article for the Daily Herald, the average office worker sits 10 hours a day. Furthermore, “Metabolism slows down 90 percent after 30 minutes of sitting.” Research supports that even regularly working out cannot undo the gradual damaged caused by too much sitting. So the (somewhat lame) question becomes… how do we learn to sit less? The British Journal of Sports Medicine says to begin by finding ways to spend ...

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Improve Employees’ Health?

The idea of a wellness program is to emphasize healthy employee behaviors and help them identify lifestyle and disease risks. Does it work? Sharon Begley investigates in an article for STAT. In the first place, it seems there are a lot of shady wellness vendors out there making improvement claims that have no basis in reality, so that is a problem. Basically, as is a problem in the scientific community, these vendors only want to ...

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Yes, But It Depends

Journalist and health advocate Naomi Freundlich disagrees with Austin Frakt and Aaron E. Carroll. In an article for Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, she offers a brighter perspective. For starters, definitions of what constitute a wellness “program” actually vary, so calling some extremely basic “programs” ineffective could be a case of “well, duh.” Thus, some statistics might be skewed. As for the rest of the programs out there, the difference between failure and ...

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Usually Not

Half of all organizations with 50 or more employees have wellness programs according to the RAND Corporation, but not all of them are working. Austin Frakt and Aaron E. Carroll explain for The New York Times. Cost per employee of the wellness program has in many instances doubled since 2009, and wellness programs have become a $6 billion industry. Research suggests that businesses believe wellness programs are more effective than greater employee cost sharing and ...

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