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Negotiating with Difficult People: We Have a Hostage Situation!

Chances are high that at at least one point in your career or personal life, you’ve had to negotiate with someone who was holding something you value as “hostage.” This may have included a particular service, payment, or resource, or quite possibly the TV remote, your favorite TV show, or having to tell your 5-year-old to put down the phone extension. Chances are even higher that you probably dreaded the whole process of getting what you ...

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Is Fear the Only Reason Employees Don’t Speak Up?

Usually when an article is titled with a yes/no question and uses the word “only,” the answer is “no,” so you can see where this is going. In a quick post at his blog, Mark Graban asks this question and the answer may (not) surprise you. No, fear is not the only reason why employees do not speak up at work. In fact, statistically it seems a sense of futility is the culprit more than ...

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Speaking Up: What Encourages and Discourages It

There are hills and valleys to communication. Sometimes it is utterly natural; sometimes it is agonizing. International business speaker Mike Kerr shares examples of both in a post at his blog. First, here are some barriers that inhibit speaking up: Utter lack of trust or no infrastructure for ensuring ideas are sent up the leadership chain Lack of encouragement to speak up, accidentally implying that others’ voices are not valued Overly critical managers or fear ...

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How to Get Over a Fear of Speaking Up

When you are new, or when you are just meek, speaking up at work can feel like a risky proposition. But as Jon Simmons explains in an article for Monster, this fear is both natural and probably unfounded. In fact, not speaking up may be more dangerous. Research suggests not speaking up is the first step toward absenteeism, productivity loss, and eventually job turnover. You kind of marginalize yourself out of existence in a negative ...

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No More Frustration: Speak Up at Work

Sometimes, you work for someone who is just a straight-up dingus, or, worse, a standard jerk. In an article for the Muse, Lea McLeod relates how to speak up in these times of adversity. It beats sucker punching your boss in the parking lot. When you are regularly dealing with a boss who behaves erratically or even contemptuously, the behavior is never going to get better on its own. You must advocate for yourself if ...

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How to Speak Up about Ethical Issues at Work

Not everyone is a saint. You might have to work with a few devils from time to time, but what should you do when you have actually witnessed dishonest behavior? Amy Gallo offers advice at Harvard Business Review. The Light Side and the Dark Side Firstly, be weary of rationalizing what you think you saw. If you try to decide that it is “not a big deal” or “it’s someone else’s responsibility to take care ...

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Three Reasons Why Introverts Don’t Speak Up (and How to Speak Up Anyway)

Outspoken people do not see what the big deal is about speaking up in a meeting. Quiet people do not see how speaking up could be anything but a big deal. In an article for Fast Company, Robert Chen discusses what silent souls can do to motivate themselves to speak up. Open Your Yap There are three major reasons why you may not speak up. The first is that you want to be respectful of ...

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How to Create an Introvert-Friendly Workplace

When we think of introvert and extroverts, we think of two extremes: You are either a wallflower, or you are the life of the party. Research and studies have shown that is not the case. In actuality, it all has to do about where you get your energy from. In an article for, Sarah K. White offers up solutions to make the workplace better for your introverted workers. Make Do for the Meek Extroverts ...

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4 Tips to Create Meetings That Work

I know for a fact that people continue to be frustrated with the length and quality of their meetings, because people keep on clicking articles about how to improve them. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares his four tips gathered from experts on how to make meetings a better experience: Spend the first five minutes on aims and objectives. Stop people from straying into other areas of business. Use collaborative technology and be ...

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Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Company’s Productivity

Consider how much of your workweek is just spent reading, especially reading email. Is all of it well-constructed and intuitive writing? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Josh Bernoff wages that is not the case. He believes vague writing could be crippling an organization’s potential productivity. Legibility Wanted Most employees never get instruction on the right way to compose emails or any other form of communication. They just get thrown into the mix, and ...

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