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The Fish Robots of Pyeongchang

A wide variety of new robots are being shown off at the Pyeongchang Olympics, as this video shows. Some of them have obvious, functional purposes, but my favorites are the fish robots they have swimming in the aquarium. Just look at these things!

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The Return of Smart Glasses

Intel is designing smart glasses that look like regular glasses, and they’re not annoying and intrusive like Google Glass was. These glasses shine a non-dangerous laser directly into your retina, and they give you basic, helpful notifications. The Verge has an exclusive on the details.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making

Good decision-making comes from being able to make predictions about the future and judge the value of those outcomes. How can you bolster those abilities and tip the odds of making a good decision in your favor? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Walter Frick shares three straightforward tips: Be less certain. Ask, “How often does that typically happen?” Think probabilistically (and understand basic probability). Sharper Decisions On the subject of confidence, the discussion …

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Fostering Imagination with New and Old Technology

This April, Nintendo will be releasing Nintendo Labo—cardboard kits that are assembled and attached to Nintendo Switch controllers in order to create new play experiences. It’s aimed at young children, and it seems to brilliantly bridge new and old technology. What can your business do to pair something old with something new?

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