Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Shin Godzilla: An Unexpectedly Agile Monster Movie

Last weekend, I had the good fortune to catch a limited screening of Shin Godzilla (sometimes known as Godzilla Resurgence), a brand new Japanese reboot of the classic franchise. Not to be confused with the 2014 American film, this movie puts Godzilla back in Tokyo, where he promptly destroys everything. Yet there is a baffling second nemesis at the forefront of the movie: government bureaucracy. Equally surprising, a shift toward agile practices seems to be ...

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Making Your Boss Happy Is Not Your Job

Job security is important. Nobody ever wants to worry about where their next bank deposit will come from. One of the most direct ways you might seek to ensure your job security is through making your boss happy. But no matter how this decision is viewed, the underlying logic is fundamentally flawed. If you treat making your boss happy as an end goal in itself, you are jeopardizing your career. The Motivation to Please Getting ...

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Seizing Opportunity: The Current State of ITSM

Overview: A CIO’s Priority There is no denying that businesses worldwide run on applications and data. However, the success quotient of any business relies on its IT infrastructure and network as they support and carry the applications that represent the essence of an organization. Thus, keeping these things up and running, connected, and responsive is on the top priority list of today’s CIO. In this regard, these are the key concern areas dreaded by a ...

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Does My Small Business Really Need Brand Management?

Brands are often associated with large businesses. However, a brand can be used effectively by small businesses as well to increase their profitability. Branding a new business is just as important as insuring your business and knowing when to hire an employee. Your business will not be maximizing its profitability if you are not building a strong brand. Build Loyalty By creating a distinctive brand, your business will be able to cultivate brand loyalty, which ...

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Risk and Rio: Where to Begin?

The Olympics are well underway, and already risks have been averted and risks have been realized. In conducting any kind of comprehensive risk analysis of the Rio Olympic Games, the challenging question is where to begin. The Olympic Games have a history of risk. But when examining the Games as a project, those in charge would be wise to take a project management perspective. That means by establishing the risk boundaries for the entire event ...

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The 3 Major Differences between a Leader and a Manager

Despite the fact that leadership and management are complementary positions, they are not one and the same. While managers are responsible for controlling or administering a company, not all of the individuals who fill these critical roles have the proper skills to be effective leaders. In order to gain a better understanding of the contrast between leaders and managers, it’s important to take a closer look at these three key variances. 1. Reactive vs. Proactive ...

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What Should You Do When Your Project Goes Wrong? 7 Steps

Any project manager can tell you war stories about how some of their projects went terribly wrong. In fact, projects rarely go according to plan because it’s impossible to plan out every possibility that may happen in the future. That’s why the Project Management Institute (PMI) recommends setting aside a contingency budget before the project begins to deal with emergencies when projects don’t go according to plan. Since projects are more risky by nature than ...

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9 Problems and Solutions of Project Portfolio Management

Introduction A project portfolio is a set of projects and programs that envision the same kind of goals. The act of managing these projects to check if they are in line with the organization’s business strategy is project portfolio management. With the help of this management process, project managers and project management offices focus on forecasting and analyzing the returns per project implementation in the portfolio. They collate all the available data of ongoing and ...

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Using Project Portfolio Management to Sharpen Strategy

Introduction When there are many projects run by an organization, it is significant to manage and evaluate them by grouping projects into strategic portfolios. Project portfolio management (PPM) is an excellent business practice that enables an organization to keep its projects aligned to its business objectives. PPM doesn’t get involved in project execution, but it plays a major role in project selection, benefit realization, prioritization, funding, optimum resource utilization, risk assessment, etc. This helps in ...

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How to Spot or Grow the Next Big Startup without Getting Burned

So you’ve finally got that personal loan application approved that will allow you to establish or invest in the next big startup. Should you be a founder or an investor? There are so many startups that keep sprouting everywhere, and each one sounds better than the last. We’ve seen a lot of startups that have grown bigger and more profitable over the years, and ordinary people becoming millionaires at a young age. Unfortunately, not all ...

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