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Continuous Learning for IT Professionals

Since 2011, Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) has created educational content for the IT professional. Now with more than 1,000 hours of PMP certified educational videos (via the IT Metrics & Productivity Institute) and more than 10,000 curated articles across dozens of subjects (Accelerating IT Success), we provide daily education to more than 50,000 IT Professionals across the globe.

Reach Your Target Audience

While originally a vehicle for educating our own associates, our reach continues to expand to more than 100 countries. We are now inviting a select few advertisers to promote on our sites to bring messages of interest to our readers. Perhaps your company will be one of those selected. More than 50,000 IT professionals from Project Managers to CIO’s read our email newsletters and visit our sites… a perfect opportunity to promote your products and services.

Media Kit

We are preparing a comprehensive media kit – available as of APRIL 2018 – If you wish to contact us regarding your advertising needs, please contact Richard Wood or use the form below.