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Ryan Ogilvie is a Service Management consultant in Calgary, Alberta with Blackfriar Consulting inc. While working with stakeholders to achieve their business outcomes is his main focus you can also catch his commentary on his blog – Service Management Journey. You can connect with him via the various links below.

December, 2017

  • 12 December

    Problem Management Is Like Watering Plants

    I can remember the first place I lived in on my own without roommates. A friend dropped off a potted palm tree as a housewarming gift. They said, “It will make your place look better, more lived in.” I shrugged and placed it in a spot where it would get loads of light. In the first few months I took good care of the plant, watering it and providing regular doses of fertilizer and so …

November, 2017

  • 14 November

    Feedback Loop: If They Don’t Think You Care, They Won’t Care Either

    We have all been there before at some point or another: In an effort to understand the business, we solicit information from them in a “how are we doing” button or survey. The trouble that may present itself is that, while we are working to improve things from a delivery perspective, we may not have fully built out a strategy to manage the lifecycle of the feedback. Here are a few points to consider, but …

October, 2017

  • 10 October

    How You Can Improve Business Support

    While on a support call recently, I had the misfortune of suffering through long hold times, dreary music, and being transferred from person to person with no end in sight. While I waited I had plenty of time to think about what could be done better not just for this experience, but also from my own perspective to improve interactions with my own business. Listen More, Speak Less First, start by listening to your business—really …

September, 2017

  • 12 September

    How to Find the Value of Service Improvement & Sell It to Leadership

    In tougher economic times, many organizations will start to evaluate all the components that make up their operational model. In other words, they look for value. A challenge for those delivering services will be to illustrate not only the current value that they provide but also future-state value that can be added with some margin-of-improvement initiatives. When speaking about business value, we must first recognize that this term can be interpreted in slightly different ways. …

August, 2017

  • 8 August

    Have You Sold Your Leaders on Asset Management?

    In tough economic climates, companies are looking for ways to streamline their processes in addition to reducing overhead costs. One area for consideration should be asset management, if it isn’t already. The overall goal of asset management—whether it is hardware, software, or something else—is to ensure the governance over the assets throughout their lifespan. Simply put, you will know what assets the people in the business are using and the costs associated. If you were …

July, 2017

  • 11 July

    The Three Challenges to Worthwhile Communication in ITSM

    The ability to communicate effectively is still a challenge for most people despite their line of business. Because of this there are countless books, articles, and experts on the subject of improving communication. My simple advice is to personally connect with the audience wherever you can. In the service management space, we need to ensure that we communicate consistently in language that the business community understands. If I have said this once, I have said …

June, 2017

  • 6 June

    Do You Have Any Idea What the Customer Really Wants?

    I was prompted to think about customer service the other day when I was in line at a bank (yes, an actual queue in a physical bank). The customer ahead of me was speaking with the teller and trying to get a concern across that ultimately required a manager to resolve. Before the person left, they said to the manager, “It’s about time you got my service right!” I started to think to myself—everyone expects …

May, 2017

  • 9 May

    The Value of Sharing for Your Career Growth

    Whenever the topic of blog writing comes up, the question I get asked the most is, “Why do you do this in the first place?” In order to explain why, we need to go back to the end of the last century—the year 1999. I had just finished my post-secondary education as a civil engineering technologist. As the final term came to a close, I had a gleam in my eye and I was looking …

April, 2017

  • 4 April

    To Improve Metrics, Look in Reverse

    A colleague of mine was saying that, in a recent leadership meeting, her team came to the conclusion that they needed to improve service delivery, and to do this they may need to implement or rework a particular process. Their homework assignment for the next meeting was to outline what they thought was a good way to not only ensure that they were implementing something that would add value from a process perspective, but would …

March, 2017

  • 8 March

    Reducing Costly Incidents through Knowledge

    How can you improve the customer experience though knowledge management, you might ask? From an incident perspective we should start with the Service Desk to determine exactly what types of calls are coming in, a “top ten” of sorts. These may be common questions that, if they are handled through some form of self-service functionality, can reduce the calls into the Service Desk right at the beginning. It is likely that your Service Desk has …