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My is a staff writer for AITS. She has a varied background in writing and marketing, having previously worked for the World & Vietnam Report among others.

March, 2017

  • 15 March

    Deloitte’s Three CIO Archetypes

    The most successful CIOs nowadays are those who maintain the legacy system while simultaneously looking for innovations to adapt to changes. Strategic CIOs need to identify their own goals, and then align their innovations with business needs through collaboration and high skill. This requires CIOs to take on a digital mindset that adopts a “default to yes” IT philosophy. Michael Krigsman, in an article for ZDNet, discusses findings of a recent Deloitte survey that describes ...

  • 15 March

    Why Veterans Can Fill Your Company’s Tech Skill Gaps

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is higher than the national average. This has urged the U.S. Department of Labor to partner with Amazon to create an apprenticeship program that trains veterans for technical roles, both to reduce the unemployment rate for American veterans, and to fill the tech skills gaps. In writing for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco points out that veterans possess valuable skills that can bridge ...

  • 13 March

    5 Steps to Avoid Burning Out Your On-Call IT Staff

    Any business is susceptible to emergencies. Worse is when these situations occur outside working hours, and on-call IT staff are called up to bat. While this is all part of the job description, it can still get old. On-call staff can “erupt” if you challenge the limits of their patience. In an article for, Sarah K. White counts five crucial steps that businesses need to take to avoiding burning out the staff: Weed out ...

  • 13 March

    Project Management Jargon: Ensuring No One Understands Anything

    Every industry has a treasure of meaningful language. But it doesn’t mean that you should show it off to other people anytime, especially to those who don’t speak the same language, and cannot appreciate that treasure. In the corporate world, using jargon to communicate is believed to save time, but this is only true when everyone knows exactly what those terminologies that you’re using mean. You need to assume less that people understand what you ...

  • 13 March

    5 Project Management Skills Gaps That Really Need to Be Improved

    It would be difficult to name a profession that requires a more varied skill set than project management. Today’s project managers are expected to have specific industry knowledge, strong communication skills, good leadership qualities, and so on. Certifications is only one thing besides dozens of skills required to do the job. Though the list of important project management skills is long, certain skills are considered to be the key. If you’re an experienced project manager, ...

  • 13 March

    3 Reasons Why the Business Analyst-Project Manager Hybrid Role Is So Difficult

    A hybrid of business analyst (BA) and project manager (PM) is like a double major in science and humanities—it’s possible, but difficult. But this hybrid role is looking increasingly attractive to businesses that want to make interactions leaner. In an article for Project Times, Tiauna Ross highlights the top three reasons why this hybrid role can be difficult: It requires expertise in both disciplines. It only works well with small changes. It may not be ...

  • 10 March

    7 All-Too-Common Quality Management Mistakes You Can Avoid

    Many organizations have taken the key step of developing a quality management plan to improve their project quality. However, things don’t always work in the most desirable fashion, and a quality management plan is not a quality insurance card. The Project Risk Coach Harry Hall points out seven common mistakes that you may easily make in developing a quality management plan: Failure to define quality Failure to develop requirements Failure to right-size your quality management ...

  • 10 March

    7 Reasons to Love Your Job in IT

    Loving your job is not something “rare-to-find” or “nice-to-have,” but it is the key to your life fulfillment and social stability. If you find yourself looking back at your career and sighing with the little voice in your head that says, “Work is all about money,” don’t suck it up, buttercup! The workplace is where you spend most of your waking time. Like it or not, a recent study of the effects of happiness on ...

  • 10 March

    3 Steps to Avoid Hiring Bad Managers

    Bad managers cause great damage to a company. In a 2015 Gallup poll of 7,272 adults, 50 percent said that they left their companies because of their bosses. Because of this, human resource departments of many organizations have attempted to interview employees, or keep a tally of employee resignations by manager in order to spot the problems in their organizations. However, not all companies are embracing these practices, and bad managers can still find their ...

  • 10 March

    5 Deadly Mistakes in IT Operations to Avoid

    The life of IT operations is stressful. They need to introduce more business functionality and minimize digital spending, all while trying not to make mistakes that hinder the ability to respond to business needs. Bernd Harzog, in an article for Network World, lists five IT operations mistakes that can have disastrous results on the company: Letting security rule the roost Organizing by IT silo Organizing by IT layer Firing all of your smart domain experts ...