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My is a staff writer for AITS. She has a varied background in writing and marketing, having previously worked for the World & Vietnam Report among others.

March, 2017

  • 20 March

    5 Tips to Take Advantage of the First Months as a Junior Project Manager

    Project managers are neither made nor born, and they learn and grow through time and experience. Especially if you step into a new office as a junior project manager, there are lots of things you need to acquaint yourself with, from the organizational culture to key stakeholders and your employees. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of their opportunity and be proactive in adapting to a new role. Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy, in a post ...

  • 17 March

    Is There a Difference between a Risk Audit and a Risk Review?

    Having a good risk management plan (RMP) is something as basic as having a breakfast every day. It helps you steer potential risks before they become actual problems that can cost you time and money. As a part of the RMP, risk review or risk audit serves to inform the fault tree analysis (FTA) about the project’s risk, and provide the grantee with recommendations to strengthen the project. What confuses some is the distinction between ...

  • 17 March

    Why a Writing Center Can Save Your Organization

    Writing is no longer the exclusive job of writers. If you think writing means creating a poem or drafting a novel, you’re a bit short-sighted—writing is a part of every job nowadays. Businessmen write emails to different departments, bankers write detailed reports to bank executives and boards of directors, etc. However, not everyone can effectively and correctly transfer what’s in their mind into writing, and it can be costly for organizations when miscommunication or incidents ...

  • 17 March

    5 Imperatives Facing CIOs in 2017

    CIOs do a lot, and they have a lot on their minds. They seek competitive advantages for the business, generate sales through product development and software applications, and try to be a positive influence on other departments. To keep staying competitive, Art Landro, in an article for The Enterprisers Project, says that there are five key imperatives that CIOs will face in 2017: CIOs must create organizational data analytics strategies. CIOs must embrace web technology. ...

  • 17 March

    An Executive’s Guide to Software Development: 15 Practices

    Hugely successful businesses that have made their profits outside of tech are finally realizing how much more profit can be had from more tech-savvy. In an article for McKinsey, Chandra Gnanasambandam, Martin Harrysson, Rahul Mangla, and Shivam Srivastava say that in order to make software an advantage, executives need to make an earnest effort to understand its development. They recommend the software maturity diagnostic framework with 15 practices across five stages to define the software ...

  • 15 March

    Deloitte’s Three CIO Archetypes

    The most successful CIOs nowadays are those who maintain the legacy system while simultaneously looking for innovations to adapt to changes. Strategic CIOs need to identify their own goals, and then align their innovations with business needs through collaboration and high skill. This requires CIOs to take on a digital mindset that adopts a “default to yes” IT philosophy. Michael Krigsman, in an article for ZDNet, discusses findings of a recent Deloitte survey that describes ...

  • 15 March

    Why Veterans Can Fill Your Company’s Tech Skill Gaps

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is higher than the national average. This has urged the U.S. Department of Labor to partner with Amazon to create an apprenticeship program that trains veterans for technical roles, both to reduce the unemployment rate for American veterans, and to fill the tech skills gaps. In writing for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco points out that veterans possess valuable skills that can bridge ...

  • 13 March

    5 Steps to Avoid Burning Out Your On-Call IT Staff

    Any business is susceptible to emergencies. Worse is when these situations occur outside working hours, and on-call IT staff are called up to bat. While this is all part of the job description, it can still get old. On-call staff can “erupt” if you challenge the limits of their patience. In an article for, Sarah K. White counts five crucial steps that businesses need to take to avoiding burning out the staff: Weed out ...

  • 13 March

    Project Management Jargon: Ensuring No One Understands Anything

    Every industry has a treasure of meaningful language. But it doesn’t mean that you should show it off to other people anytime, especially to those who don’t speak the same language, and cannot appreciate that treasure. In the corporate world, using jargon to communicate is believed to save time, but this is only true when everyone knows exactly what those terminologies that you’re using mean. You need to assume less that people understand what you ...

  • 13 March

    5 Project Management Skills Gaps That Really Need to Be Improved

    It would be difficult to name a profession that requires a more varied skill set than project management. Today’s project managers are expected to have specific industry knowledge, strong communication skills, good leadership qualities, and so on. Certifications is only one thing besides dozens of skills required to do the job. Though the list of important project management skills is long, certain skills are considered to be the key. If you’re an experienced project manager, ...

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