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Mike Hannan brings nearly 25 years’ experience as a Consulting Executive, IT Project Portfolio and Program Manager, Process Engineer, and Software Architect. His background in Project Portfolio Management started at NASA in the early 1990s supporting large, complex initiatives such as the International Space Station and High-Performance Computing & Communications (HPCC) programs. He has managed and consulted on $500M+ project portfolios, and trained CIOs and other senior executives in Federal Civilian, Military, and Commercial environments. Mike is an active speaker at industry events, including local PMI chapter and community meetings, webinars, PM symposia, and in the Agile community. He is a leading innovator of disciplined ways to integrate Agile, Lean, Critical Chain, and other techniques to drive dramatic breakthroughs in the performance of IT Project Portfolios. He is also the lead author of the recent book, The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance. Mr. Hannan has been a PMP since 2005, and is a board member of the PMI Washington DC chapter, serving as the VP for Education Partnerships. He is also a Theory of Constraints Jonah, and has Masters degrees in Information Technology and International Affairs. On the personal side, Mike is a devoted father of 3 teenage boys, a national champion track & field athlete, and an amateur oenophile.

April, 2017

  • 18 April

    No More Limits! Why WIP Targets Are Better for Improving Team Performance

    For decades now, the Operations Research and Industrial Engineering communities—and especially Lean and Theory of Constraints (TOC) practitioners—have preached the importance of limiting “work in progress,” or WIP, in order to improve flow in a process or system. The conceptual foundation for such WIP limits is known as “Little’s Law,” named after John Little for having provided the first proof of the theorem back in 1961. In order to boost the throughput of a system, Little’s Law asserts …