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John Friscia

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John Friscia is the Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He began working for Computer Aid, Inc. in 2013 and continues to provide graphic design support for AITS. He graduated summa cum laude from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in English.

June, 2017

  • 14 June

    Be less curious about people…

    Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. -Marie Curie, Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity

  • 12 June

    Be always sure you’re right…

    Be always sure you’re right — THEN GO AHEAD! -Davy Crockett, 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier, and politician

  • 12 June

    5 More Tips for Getting Started with ITIL

    What a wonderful world it would be if we could implement ITIL into every aspect of our lives. We could use incident management to clean up a carpet soda spill, or problem management to root out the cause of why Robert De Niro stopped making good movies. So in the pursuit of that noble goal, we can look to Joe the IT Guy, who is back in a post at his blog with five more …

  • 12 June

    5 Simple Reasons Why Project Management Processes Fail

    Not all project processes are created equal. Too often, processes are created and adopted just for the sake of having them, as if it is a box to be checked off. This of course defeats the purpose, and projects that have to crawl through the swamp of inefficient processes might be worse off than the ones that have no processes at all. Could your project processes use a leg up? In a post for the …

  • 11 June

    4 Things Not to Do to Build Trust with the Team

    The lazy way out is typically the wrong way out. Especially in business, if you want people to trust you, you need to put in some effort. In an article for Entrepreneur, Glenn Llopis shares four things you should remember not to do: Fail to build rapport: You need to engage people in conversations and get to know them, both their motivations and their apprehensions. Work with them and empower them to succeed, which will …

  • 11 June

    The No-Brainers of Building Trust at Work

    Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a caveman recently thawed out of ice and need to learn how to build trust at work from the ground up, then Monster has the article for you. Pat Mayfield lays out the most obvious yet essential parts of building trust: Be honest, especially in situations where it might hurt you but will significantly help others. Practice good judgement, knowing that there are right and wrong times …

  • 11 June

    The Trust Equation & 3 Tips

    In an article for Inc., Jacob Morgan shares “trust expert” (yeah, allegedly that is a thing) Charles H. Green’s formula for trust. Do you think you can crunch the numbers to become trustworthy? The formula is “(credibility + reliability + intimacy)/self-orientation.” Those first three are pretty straightforward, but you may be wondering what “self-orientation” means. Morgan describes it essentially as willingness to look outside of oneself and help others. So the less self-oriented you are, …

  • 11 June

    Building the 3 Types of Workplace Trust

    Trust travels in different directions to create different effects. In an article for Fast Company, Mark Lukens describes three different types of workplace trust and explains their value. The first of course is trust with colleagues within the business. When there is higher trust among workers, job satisfaction increases and work tasks are more effectively distributed among workers. The second type of trust is trust with outsiders, such as customers and suppliers. Research from Korea …

  • 11 June

    Proven Ways to Earn Employee Trust

    Trust is a response to action. If you want to build trust with employees, then you have to give them great reasons to feel that way. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Carolyn O’Hara provides six tips to build and keep trust: The more distant (physically or figuratively) you seem from the people below you, the less reason or opportunity people will have to trust you. Reach out to individual employees and make connections …

  • 11 June

    10 Leadership Behaviors to Inspire Trust

    You can inspire your team to believe in you and your leadership, or you can be that awkward person who takes half-hearted action and leaves everyone feeling lousy about their position. Would you prefer to be the former? In an article for Forbes, Ekaterina Walter shares some fast tips to earn trust: Lead by example. Show that you were granted your current position for a reason. Over-communicate. The more information you leave unspoken, the more …