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A Day in the Scrum Life

Properly applied, agile and scrum are the bee’s knees for improving business. If it works out that well at work, why not try applying them elsewhere? In an article for Scrum Alliance, scrum master Ronald Breese describes how he has incorporated scrum into his life. A Scrummy Time The big example Breese shares is that of having to replace half a bathroom: The first thing I did was prepare a bathroom backlog, consisting of an …

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How to Make the Four-Day Workweek Possible

You may think that three day-weekends are a rare and welcome treat, but imagine having this so-called luxury on a regular basis. Nope, it’s not a fantasy anymore. A Fast Company article by Stephanie Vozza reveals how some companies have mastered the four-day workweek. More Productivity, Less Work Why would 43% of companies offer a portion of their staff four-day workweeks? The answer is to improve productivity: “Since we implemented flexible workweeks in 2008, all …

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Agile Manifesto: Both Timeless and Outdated?

The Beatles produced timeless music, but would you want to listen to them on an 8-track? The Agile Manifesto faces a similar age challenge. Jennifer Lent reviews the 15-year old Agile Manifesto for TechTarget, explaining how some of it is still as useful as ever, while other parts are covered in cobwebs. The Inexorable March of Time The most obvious thing that happened between 2001 and now is that software development picked up whole new …

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Does Agile Work because We are Optimistic?

Johanna Rothman read a Businessweek article from this past January that found that optimists tend to underestimate the effort involved in getting big tasks done. This also causes optimists to take more risks in innovating. In a post at her blog, Rothman wonders if optimism is agile’s secret ingredient. Powered by a Dream In contrast to the optimists, pessimists are actually the most likely to accurately predict how long it will take to complete tasks, …

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Being a True Friend Can Require Agile Thinking

“False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports.” – Richard Burton One important aspect of agile thinking is being able to change one’s perspective on the fly. This can be helpful not just in your business life, but in your personal one as well. There are times when being a friend requires that you think agile on your feet …

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Promote Ideas, Not People!

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I have a 20 something friend who owns a successful small IT business of about 40 people. The company has no management structure. Legal, H/R and accounting are all very simple and outsourced. Marketing is done through social media and everyone in the company is considered a salesperson. From an operations perspective, a backlog of work is posted to an electronic billboard …

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