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Founded in 2011, Computer Aid’s Accelerating IT Success (AITS) is your ultimate source of emerging IT tips and trends. Covering topics as diverse as project management, service management, portfolio management, business alignment, CIO affairs, risk management, and professional development (among many others), AITS seeks to enhance your understanding of every aspect of IT culture. We know it can be difficult in this age of constant business upheaval and technological disruption for professionals to stay up to date, which is why we are dedicated to providing our readers with the most concise and relevant new information that they can start putting into practice immediately.

And that truly is important to us. When we help you succeed as an IT professional, AITS and Computer Aid succeed with you, because it is our goal to assist in ushering in the best and brightest wave of IT professionals. If you would like to join us in our journey to build a better tomorrow, please sign up for the AITS Newsletter today.

The Perks of Reading AITS

As a faithful reader of Computer Aid’s Accelerating IT Success, you will enjoy content curated and summarized from across the Internet and around the world, all for the benefit of furthering your career. Additionally, you will on occasion hear from our Featured Authors, industry thought leaders such as CIO.com-featured Phil Weinzimer and project leadership coach Susanne Madsen who are evolving the ways we think about business. And on the other side of the coin, you will hear regularly from our great and powerful AITS Blogging Alliance as well, a coalition of the best IT and project management bloggers on the web today.

AITS recognizes the incredible value of an original thought, and that is why we also accept guest submissions from sharp readers such as yourself who might have a new insight to share with the world. Sharing your fresh ideas is yet another way we aim to further our audience’s careers, and it is a personal delight for us every time it occurs.

Are your tastes maybe a little more specialized? We cater to this as well! Above and beyond everything outlined above, AITS offers specialized, separate editions for Benchmarking, Consulting, and Agile among others. Whatever it is you need to know, Computer Aid’s Accelerating IT Success has the answer.

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