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Will CIOs Be Responsible for Replacing Workers with Robots?

Automation is already making waves in the food service industry, where digital kiosks are replacing human workers in places like airports. Will this wave spread elsewhere? And will CIOs be the Horsemen of the Apocalypse at the forefront of it? Naomi Eide muses about this in a short article at CIO Dive. She shares this:

“Decisions about automation are usually made by other business leaders not the CIO,” wrote Andrew Horne, IT practice leader for Gartner, in an email. “However, the CIO might have been the first person in the company to see the opportunity to use kiosks or robots, bringing it to the attention of the other business leaders.”

So in other words, CIOs may not be directly responsible—but indirectly is another story. CIOs may have a harder time sleeping knowing that this kind of power falls on them. There are no easy answers on any side here.

For further discussion, you can view the full article here:

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