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5 Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

The PMP credential is one of the most popular project management certifications out there. The exam to earn it can however be a challenge, and not everyone passes it, in spite of the availability of prep courses and other training materials. In an article for Project Times, PMP prep teacher Emil Tarka gives five different reasons he believes that people fail the PMP exam:

  1. Lack of preparation
  2. Difficult exam
  3. Turning the PMP exam into an Earned Value Management (EVM) exam
  4. Inadequate/no brain dump
  5. Second-guessing yourself

 Avoiding PMP Failure

All exams require some level of preparation. While pop quizzes are good for preparing for the exam, you also need to practice with full-size exams. You should be able to pass these practice exams with an 85% or above before attempting the actual exam. The exams also have varying degrees of difficulty and subject matter, so attempt to gain mastery in fields that you may be weaker in. This will also help you to not second-guess yourself while taking the exam. Sometimes second-guessing yourself comes from stress, which in this case you should just go for the answer that seems the most likely.

When preparing for the PMP exam, the math section tends to be one of the harder parts to deal with. Some people devote a lot of time to it, particularly when they’re in a field that doesn’t have regular number crunching involved. You should limit your time studying these formulas to about 10% of your total time though, to focus on more core aspects. Tarka says a proper brain dump should be utilized during the exam:

Brain dumps usually include EVM formulas, profit forecast calculations, and contract types. Most PMP® trainers recommend that students memorize various formulas and factoids, and write them out in the exam room prior to starting the exam. Writing out the brain dump is essential as it relieves the pressure from focusing on memorization and allows the candidate to focus on the PMP® questions instead.

Solution: Access a well-developed brain dump from a reputable trainer.

You can view the original article here:

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