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5 Ways to Step Up Your Transformational Leadership

CIOs have technical skills for days, but they do not always have the leadership skills befitting of the “C” in their names. Further developing those leadership skills is how CIOs will become capable of true and impactful transformation. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Minda Zetlin gives some ways in which you can improve your transformational leadership:

  1. Focus on customers.
  2. Articulate your purpose.
  3. Make some non-negotiable promises.
  4. Rebrand yourself around value creation.
  5. Help people flourish.

Transformation Tune-Up

You should start your leadership upgrade by shifting your focus away from the technology and more towards the customer. Then take steps to articulate your career purpose before asking your employees what their individual purposes may be. The goal of finding purpose is that it can seriously invigorate your workforce by giving them something meaningful to work towards. Along those lines, there should be some non-negotiable promises that should be made to the people you will be working with, such as promising rewarding work or to avoid too much confusing jargon with customers.

Zetlin also says that rebranding yourself around creation should be on your “to-do” list:

“Technology folks think about things in terms of projects,” [Hugh Blane, president of Claris Consulting] says. “I suggest they have a stretch leadership project where they take promises and purpose and infuse them into their everyday work. This will then project into the culture and the experience all customers have.”

Changing customers’ view of IT will take time and some effort. “The main thing is, how do we convert the perception people have of IT as a cost center?” Blane says. “You have to build the brand and reputation of a profit center. How you do that is to look at all the work you’re doing and ask, ‘What’s the value attached to this work?’”

Any good transformation leader should help people flourish. By actually sitting down and having conversations about work with your employees, you can discover what’s important to them, which will create a greater connection between them and their work in your organization.

You can view the original article here:

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